The Benefits Of A California King Bed


A California King Bed is the best choice for married couples who prefer to sleep together but still want their individual space. There are numerous stores which offer a California King Bed mattress. There are numerous beds which could be purchased at any size or design. There is surely a California King Bed that would suit your needs. They also offer the best comfort possible. Such mattresses are also durable and are of high quality.
An American full-size bed measures 54 inches in width. If two people share the same bed space, they would essentially have 27 inches of bed space to themselves. The average length of a full size American bed is 75 inches. Essentially, this means an individual with a height of five feet, five inches will find such a bed too short.

Meanwhile, king-size beds measures 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. Two people could then occupy 38 inches of space each. Their individual space would be equal to the width of one bed therefore, two singles would be equal to a king-size bed.


A California King Bed became initially popular on the West Coast. Later, it then spread across the nation. It measures 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. This makes it narrower by 4 inches and possess more length compared to the normal king size bed. A California king bed is  best for those whose height is more than six feet tall.

A full size bed is ideal to be used in a small room where a big sized-bed will not be cost-effective. A lot of couples similarly appreciate sleeping near each other. Another benefit of a full size bed is that one could spread out comfortably across the space.

Another benefit of a king bed is that it allows one to sleep comfortably and spread out even in the presence of their bed partner. The California King bed is the longest bed currently available. They provide extra room for children or pets. It also works best for houses which has a narrow entrance. Take note that a California King bed contains a box spring which could be bought as a split thus making it easy to move and transfer from one place to another.

The California king bed is the best choice for those who want to maximize their personal rest space. California King beds are popularly referred to as Western Kings and is considered as the best bed for tall people.