How to Store a Mattress? Best Tips

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How to Store a Mattress? Best Tips

How to Store a Mattress?

Peaceful sleep is very much important for all of us. After a long hectic day, don’t you long for a comfortable bed? A soft and warm mattress is all that we need for the best sleep. Do you know how much important your mattress is, to take care of your physical health? Experts suggest to, choose an excellent mattress for our physical health. You spend around 7-8 hours a day on your bed, it is a part of your life; don’t you think that you must take care of it?

Buying a good-quality mattress is like a one-time investment.

One mattress can long for 10-12 years.

But to get this long-term service, all you need is to take care of it. Make sure that your mattress is stored in a proper place when it is not used. Now, you must be thinking about how to store a mattress. Well, it is not rocket science. Don’t worry, here we will discuss every tip to keep your mattress safe.

Why we must store mattresses properly?

We are quite familiar with the sight of a mattress lying in one corner of the storage room. The thing never hit our mind is that, when we abandon the mattress, it gets completely ruined. Why waste the money after this careless behaviour? You might think that keeping your mattress in a closed space cannot affect its durability. But you need to understand why proper storage is important, so let’s have a brief discussion on that:


  • To retain its shape

A mattress is made of very sensitive material to give you comfort. When we keep it untouched for a long time in an inappropriate place, it loses its perfect shape. Once the shape is gone, the matters will not feel the same anymore. It is very important to store it in a perfect place to save it from damages. See expand the mattress article or how to restore memory foam mattress.

bed bugs

You may never want the insects to make their colony in your loved and comfy mattress. If it is not kept in proper condition, many insects can be found living inside your mattress.


  • Save it from smelling like a junkyard

You need to choose a perfect place to store mattress. If it comes in contact with any bad odour or dampness from your home, it will smell really bad at the time of use. Keep it in an air-tight space to prevent it from smelling like hell. You will not be able to use it again if the matters absorb a bad smell, and washing it is not an easy option.


  • Get rid of decay

When you keep your mattress on the floor for a long time, moulds and mildew can damage your mattress. Perfect humidity is important to keep it in proper condition. Too much humidity will easily invite colonies.


  • To save warranty terms

Everything comes with a warranty these days. Consumers love to take advantage of the warranty. The same goes for your mattress. If you do not store it properly, it might void the warranty; make sure that the terms and conditions are fulfilled to take the services.

A proper storage-friendly place for your mattress

 Now that you are aware of the reason for this, storing your mattress in a proper place is extremely important. Let us discuss a little more on, which places are suitable for your mattress and will never damage it. So the most appropriate spaces are as follows:


  • A ventilated room

It is better to keep the mattress in a storage unit when it is not used. A storage unit is one of the safest places for it. What to do if, there is no such facility at your home? Well, you do not have to worry. Make sure that the mattress is kept in a dry ventilated room, which is not prone to damp or has ventilation and widow for air passage.


  • A climate control unit

A storage system that can systematically adapt to the different seasons is effective for not only the mattress but every item. You can completely rely on a climate-controlling storage system to save the mattress from extreme humidity and dryness.


  • A proper base

Never let the mattress come in contact with the floor. It will completely ruin the quality of the mattress. Try to keep it on plywood or a shelf, it will elevate the mattress. Air circulation at the bottom of the mattress is mandatory.

Storage areas you must avoid in the case of mattresses

You are aware of the perfect storage places for a mattress. You should also have some idea regarding the places which you must avoid at any cost. Lots of people make these mistakes; make sure that you do not become one of them. So let see, which places can ruin the mattress:


  • Any hot area

Do you know that mattresses are made of either foam or natural latex? These two compositions are the reason behind the comfort you get while you sleep. Usually too much hot can melt the composition inside your mattress cover. As a result, the shape of the mattress becomes bumpy and unbearable.


  • Garage or basement

If you are giving your mattress a few days off, make sure that it is stored in a proper place. Avoid any such area which has high humidity and less ventilation; such as basements, garages, and storage rooms.  Storing a mattress in a garage is a very bad idea. It can completely ruin the quality and increase the chances of bacterial development on the mattress.


  • Congested box

To save the mattress from dust, you may find out any box irrespective of the mattress. This can completely damage the shape of it and you might never feel the same afterward. Always find the box which is perfectly proportional to the mattress.

Steps for storing your mattress

It is not so easy to store a mattress and it’s not that tough either. We will tell you about certain ways that can help to keep it as good as a new one. The below-mentioned steps are all that you need to apply.

Clean Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • Clean at first

Anything that you use for a certain period will make it dirty. Be careful before you put your mattress inside the storage. You can easily clean it with the help of a vacuum, upholstery cleaner, soak it under the sunlight. Otherwise, a dirty mattress will result in mould and fungus on the surface. Check how to clean the mattress.


  • Wrap it properly

When you are not using the mattress, keep it inside a proper storage unit. A storage unit is not enough to save it from damages. Air, moisture, heat, insects, and dust can ruin your comfortable sleeping companion. Cover it up before you put it inside the store. You can find out mattress storage bags in any hardware store. In case you are not able to collect any such cover then you can use plastic. Generally, large plastics are easily available; you just need to search properly. Before covering the mattress makes sure that the plastic is dry.


  • Place it properly

Always try to place the mattress on a flat surface. If you have a big storage area then the job is easier for you. A smooth surface is highly recommended to keep its shape. Never fold or roll the mattress, these will damage it. And do not put any heavy items on the mattress. You should also keep it on a thick board.


You can follow all these tips and tricks to keep the mattress in perfect condition. Before using the mattress, make sure that you clean it up properly. These can freshen up the mattress and give you a new experience. You can easily clean it by sprinkling some baking soda and then vacuum the mattress. Or you can spray some deodorant or put it under the sunlight.

Different storage spaces for different mattresses

You may know there are distinct mattresses available in the market. More or less all of them need to be maintained similarly, but there are slight differences. Check out different facts about every mattress.


  • Latex mattress

It is very heavy, so you should never place it in upright positing. There are high chances of the shape getting ruined. Always place it in a flat area.


  • Hybrid mattress

These are heavy mattresses as well and have coils inside them. These coils are individually wrapped inside them. Any mistake, while placing it can completely ruin the mattress. There are high chances that the coils can get misplaced.


  • Foam mattress

It is completely made of foam and does not need high maintenance. If it is not stored properly then it might attract mildew. The foams help to give that soft touch and they are adjustable according to the body shape. So always try to cover it up and place it on a flat surface.


A mattress can run for a decade, it is a one-time investment. We must take care of the things we buy. We can spare some time from our busy schedule to store the mattress in a proper place. After all, it has been bought with our hard work’s money. Doctors always recommend that proper mattresses must be used for the beds. You can buy a high-quality one from the store but the maintenance is completely in your hand. Make sure that you store it properly. You can try out these tips and see the magic. Does not matter if you are keeping it inside the storage unit for months or years, it will come out as good as a new one.


Can I keep my mattress for an extended period of time?
Yes, if you follow the methods outlined above and keep an eye on it on a regular basis. This guarantees that your mattress remains in pristine condition throughout storage.
Is it possible to keep a mattress on its side?
In general, it is OK to store a mattress on its side. However, we recommend that pocket sprung and natural mattresses be stored flat. This is due to the fact that keeping it on its side might harm the contents inside the mattress and modify how it feels.