Box Springs VS Platform Bed

box springs vs platform
Box Springs VS Platform Bed

Box Springs VS Platform Bed

You must pay attention to your comfort needs if you want to be healthy and productive in your life. A comforting bed is quite essential to improve the comfort levels while you are sleeping. Many people prefer box springs and platform beds to ensure they enjoy healthy sleep every night. Things get confusing when it comes to choosing one between Box Springs and Platform bed.

Are you planning to buy a new bed for your new home or replacing the old one? Box springs VS platform bed, which one is perfect to enjoy a long and comforting sleep? Let’s find out!

What is a Box Spring?

Being equipped with a layer of springs, a box spring is a wooden box that is completely covered with breathable fabric. This bed is also equipped with dust protection at the bottom. Different manufacturers use different materials to improve the strength and longevity of box springs. Some offer a steel frame to provide better support.

You can place these box spring beds right on the floor or over a bed frame to improve bed height and sleep conveniently. The use of a bed frame can help you preventing skidding and keep the bed stable on the floor.

Every box spring bed has a layer of coils that improves the airflow and keeps the bed comfy in all seasons. Most homeowners prefer box spring beds because springs support the mattress perfectly and improve overall comfort levels.

You should buy the box spring if you are using innerspring mattresses.

Your bed will become extremely comforting if you align box spring coils with springs in the mattress.

Thus, the mattress will feel much softer and have better support. This bed will absorb shock much better and prevent discomfort if someone else is sleeping or moving on the bed.

You should certainly buy box springs if you are going to use innerspring mattresses. It will not be a perfect choice if you are going to use latex or memory foam mattresses. Box springs coils won’t support the memory foam or latex mattress and it will sag within a few months. So, keep these facts in mind when assessing box springs vs platform bed!

What is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is the best choice you have in the bed frame for memory foam and latex mattresses. Being a low profile bed frame, a platform bed comes with a slatted or a solid surface to support the mattress.

Most platform beds are 5-12” high and perfect for thick mattresses. It is a more modern alternative to canopy beds, sleigh beds, and four-poster beds. Those beds are perfect for box spring, but not ideal for modern ergonomic mattresses. That’s why most homeowners avoid traditional beds.

You can easily buy a platform bed at an affordable price. These are bed frames with a robust foundation. You have to buy the mattress separately according to your budget and comfort needs.

Platform beds have holes or channels to improve the airflow and make the bed more breathable. There won’t be any hole or channel if you got a slatted bed frame. Space between slats will maintain proper air circulation and keep your mattress cool. Top-quality beds have very narrow space between slates to provide the best support and prevent the mattress from sinking.

Some platform bed manufacturers use flexible slats to counter the user’s body weight and the mattress. Beds with rigid frames are also perfect if you got an extremely comfortable mattress. You should choose a platform bed with rigid slats if you want to sleep on a slightly firmer surface. Go for a flexible slat platform bed if you are avoiding a firm surface.

Bed manufacturers provide many eye-catching styles in platform beds. You can get these beds with footboards, headboards, storage drawers, and upholstered beds are also quite popular. You must invest your bucks in a platform bed with a storage option if you got a small apartment. It will help you in maintaining a perfectly organized bedroom!

Just like box springs, platform beds are also made of metal. Manufacturers use steel or wrought iron to build a robust bed frame. Metal grids have the capacity to bear more pressure and weight. However, robust metal grids can also cause early degeneration if you are using a memory foam mattress. Therefore, most people prefer wooden beds to improve the lifespan of their mattresses.

Box Springs Vs Platform Bed Comparison:

Don’t just assess platform bed VS box spring comfort! The following factors also matter when you are comparing both types of beds:


  • Dimensions:

Both box spring and platform beds are built according to the standard size of mattresses. These beds are built to fit all types and all sizes of mattresses. However, platform beds are much heavier than box springs.

Suppose you are buying a platform bed with storage drawers, it will be much heavier. Since box springs have coils and fabric, these are much lighter. You can’t get any storage option in such beds and therefore they don’t weigh too much.

You cannot move a platform bed time and again due to its immense weight. Box springs on the other hand are more convenient to move. However, it might not be necessary to move the platform bed a lot if you set it at the right spot in the bedroom.


  • Comfort:

It is quite tough to decide which bed is more comfortable. Both platform beds and box springs have huge support from users because of the support and comfort they offer. The mattress becomes a deciding factor when comparing platform bed VS box spring comfort.

Box springs make it feel extremely comforting when you got an innerspring mattress. Innersprings work with box spring coils to absorb the user’s body weight and improve support. This type of bed can feel extremely comforting if you got a backache. However, a box spring won’t be a good choice if you want to use a memory foam mattress!

Platform beds are designed mainly for memory foam mattresses. A gap between slates or holes maintain proper air circulation and keep the mattress cool all the time. It is the best choice for you if you sleep hot. Improved air circulation will prevent excessive sweating and you will sleep much longer!

You should carefully assess the bed size according to the size of the mattress before placing the order. It will feel comfy only if the mattress covers the entire sleeping area.


  • Storage option:

Box springs do not provide storage space. However, certain manufacturers craft box springs that stay high off the ground to offer some space underneath the bed. There will be no drawers at all if it is a box spring bed!

Platform beds on the other hand have huge built-in storage. You can get drawers or a wide-open space to put your belongings. This type’s beds seem perfect for users, who have limited space to store their belongings in the bedroom. Some people even use their platform bed as a closet to store clothes and other items!

So, choose a platform bed if you want storage. Buy a box spring bed if there is ample space in the bedroom to store all your belongings.


  • Price:

The brand and the material used to build the bed decide the cost of your bed. Both box spring and platform beds can be available at an affordable price if you are buying the smallest size bed.

A traditional design’s box spring can cost between $100 and $500. Platform beds would easily cost around $200. Its price can also go around several thousand dollars if you are buying a premium platform bed.

A bed’s size, build quality, storage options, and design also affects the price. However, platform beds are usually more affordable than box springs. You cannot use the box spring without its foundation. Platform beds do not have such requirements. You can use any mattress over a platform bed and sleep comfortably.


  • Compatibility:

A platform bed is a clear winner when it comes to compatibility. This bed frame is designed to accommodate most types of mattresses. You should buy a platform bed, whether you want to use a hybrid mattress, a latex mattress, or a memory foam mattress.

Box spring beds feel comfy only if you use an innerspring mattress. Memory foam or latex mattresses aren’t designed for box springs.


Can a Box Spring Be Used on a Platform Bed?
Yes, a box spring may be used on a platform bed. It is not, however, essential. You do not need a box spring if you have a platform bed and are okay with the height. If you want to add additional height to your bed, you may use a box spring.
What exactly is a bunkie board?
A bunkie board is a piece of plywood that is frequently covered in fabric and placed on top of a foundation to provide additional mattress support. They can also be used to support the mattress and prevent sliding when put on a box spring, a platform bed, or the floor.

Final thoughts

Whether you are assessing platform beds VS regular beds or box springs, the above-listed factors are important to consider. Both box springs and platform beds are popular, but platform beds are more suitable for modern homes.

Options in mattresses increase when you have a platform bed at home. Besides, you can easily find a platform bed in your budget range. Box springs are costly and tough to maintain. Cleaning and maintaining platform beds are quite easy and that’s why most homeowners choose this type’s bed.

Carefully assess the recommended factors when buying a new bed for your bedroom. You will certainly find platform beds more suitable for your comfort needs!