Can You Return a Mattress to Amazon?

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Can You Return a Mattress to Amazon?

Return a Mattress to Amazon

Amazon is one such name that is known by almost everyone who is into the present world of online shopping. One of the biggest online shopping sites, Amazon has everything to offer including furniture, electronic items, grocery, footwear, accessories etc. You can shop your heart out on this website and avail your desired products at very amazing prices. It might sound surprising but some people prefer buying things online than offline or by visiting a store physically. Read this post till the end to know everything about returning a mattress to amazon.


If you want to buy a top-quality mattress, Amazon can offer you a wide range of options to choose from. You can also make comparisons between the features and prices of every mattress you choose. The logistics system along with customer support offered by this site is commendable and it has made it possible for the customers to return all products in case of dissatisfaction due to any reason. Returning a mattress might sound a bit absurd, but Amazon lets you do this at ease. A packed mattress can be easily returned to Amazon but if the mattress is open, customers can return it just in 30 days from the date of purchase.

Amazon usually lets the customers donate the mattress to any charity than return it. 

If you have purchased a new mattress and you want to return it, you must know about the entire process of returning the mattress. Normally, when something is delivered and you don’t like the product, you read this post till the end to know other details about the return process:

People purchase a mattress from the Amazon site or any offline store but after bringing the product home, they dislike it because of some of the other reasons and they want it to get returned but it is dependent on the company or seller from where you have purchased the mattress. If they have a policy about return mattress to Amazon, you can choose to return the product.


You can get in touch with the customer support service and get help in the return process. You might disconnect your account from wens before placing a refund if you want. Return policies differ based on where you bought the mattress, see the particular policy of each location than to have a uniform policy to be applied on different locations.


There is generally a window of 30 days in which the customers can put a request for exchanges and requests with the majority of the retailers, and that period usually remains constant on all mattresses which are sold on Amazon. Several sites have different instructions which can be downloaded that can help the customers to know how they can pack their mattress, and the contact details for all questions not present within the document, share guidance about reassembling/ disassembling different parts of the mattress to reduce the damage in the process of packing.

Can you return an unopened mattress to Amazon?

The mattress return policy amazon provides a lot of clarity and the customers find it easy to return any product they want. If you have purchased a mattress from Amazon but later on, you realized that you have received another one. There can be many reasons to return a mattress like getting the wrong size delivered, defective product etc. You can contact them by calling on their toll-free number or be online and start the return procedure.


Amazon will then ask you to get in touch with their team dealing with returns, and they can also fix a pick-up timing or give you the address of one amongst their return offices where you can return the unopened mattress. It will be dependent on the seller whether you will receive a complete refund of your mattress or not but mostly, unopened returns are completely refunded.

Can you return an opened mattress?

If you receive a mattress and you’ve opened it in excitement but, then realize that it is not fitting or isn’t matching your requirements, the process to return such a mattress will be a little different. Amazon doesn’t take back mattresses that are opened or expanded, but, you can start the process of returning online or calling a toll-free number. When the return process is started, Amazon asks you to contact the team of large items and they allocate a time for picking up the mattress from your address. When it is picked, you can choose to either donate or give it over to Amazon for getting rid of it.


Refunds get issued fully if the mattress is returned within a period of 30 data from the shipment receipt, and a few refunds might depend on seller discretion if you have purchased the item from any independent seller.

What if the mattress can’t be returned?

If the mattress can’t be returned because of any reason such as exceeding the trial period or accidental damage, you can choose to donate or sell the mattress. If you still find your mattress to be in good condition, it can be of great help to others also. Some organizations or shelters will give acceptance to your mattress until they are clean and undamaged. They should be in usable condition.


There are other ways to opt for like positing advertisements on several websites. The mattress won’t be sold at the price you purchased it, but it is always a better option to get something in return. You must remember about being honest with an advertisement and make sure that you mention all details which a genuine buyer will like to know. But, if a mattress is damaged too much and can’t be recovered, you can look for a suitable center of disposal or recycling near you. Some of them might not even choose the mattress at their own home. If you want, it can be deconstructed by yourself and reuse all the materials.

What is the amazon mattress return policy? 

The mattress you buy from Amazon can be returned within 30 days of purchase only if it is in an unopened condition and can be used in a new condition with the material used in the original packaging of the product. This policy can tell you about how to return a mattress to amazon. All the mattress products sold by this site and are retailed under different brands which are eligible to be returned within 30 days from the delivery with free shipping in both ways, irrespective of the date of purchase.

Products which are not eligible are inclusive of airbeds that are opened and deflated after you have received them. Soiled or damaged mattresses of twin size without why pump and all items which are fulfilled by the retailers were verified under the category of “ Mattress Allowed”. As per the mattress return policy on Amazon, Soiled or damaged mattresses will not be accepted if they are returned. If there are any more questions you have regarding this, you must get in touch with Amazon customer care.


If you have purchased a mattress before more than 90 days, you must check if it has any leakage or not. Returns in the mattress are only accepted from Amazon for consumer use, inclusive of the purchases made as gifts after the original date of purchase.


The Amazon mattress return policy includes the following points:

  • If you dislike the mattress quality after it has been delivered to you and you want to return it for any other reason, you can do the same within 30 days.
  • For returning the mattress, you must get in touch with the manufacturer of the mattress and discuss the warranty offered.
  • If the mattress is open and in extended condition, full-sized mattresses cannot be refunded fully. You won’t be eligible for an Amazon return if you have lost the original packaging.


These are some important points to know about the Amazon mattress return policy. There can be many reasons for you willing to return a mattress on Amazon and you can do so only after going through the conditions mentioned in the Amazon mattress return policy. There are many other conditions in which you would want to return your mattress and Amazon lets you do that very easily.


This is all you should know about returning a mattress to Amazon. You need to go through the return policy very thoroughly to avoid any kind of confusion in the process. The returning process is very simple and it comprises a few steps you need to follow to return your mattress to Amazon. You can read the return policy by visiting the official site of Amazon or going through the general FAQs mentioned on their site. You can find a lot of helpful questions answered in this section. For your next purchase, you can check out the best mattresses on Amazon.


Is it possible to sell a mattress that cannot be returned?
If you are unable to return a mattress owing to a return policy limitation or for any other reason, you can sell it on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or to a friend. You might give the mattress to a homeless shelter or someone who needs it more than you do.

What Happens to Mattresses That Have Been Returned?
f a customer is dissatisfied with their mattress, numerous businesses allow them to donate it.
In the meantime, the mattress is recycled by other companies. Return mattresses are occasionally repackaged and resold at a lower price.