Can You Use Two Twin Beds Together as a King Bed?

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Can You Use Two Twin Beds Together as a King Bed?

Can You Use Two Twin Beds Together as a King Bed?

The first thing you will choose while decorating your bedroom is the bed. You will search for the most comforting and supportive bed that takes care of your comfort needs. However, your partner may have different comfort preferences. One type of bed might not meet the comfort needs of both of you! 

What should you do in such a situation? Should you avoid your choice to ensure your partner sleeps comfortably or buy two twin beds together? The second option seems more appealing to ensure both of you have the best sleeping arrangements. 

Can Two Twin Beds Make a King-size Bed?

Yes, you can set two twin beds together to create a king-size bed. This new arrangement assures you and your partner gets the best sleep solutions. Many people do not know the twin bed size. Therefore, they don’t know whether they can use two twin beds as a king bed.  

A twin size mattress measures 38”x75” and a king-size mattress measures around 76”x80”.

So, two twin mattresses won’t exactly make a king-size mattress, but it will almost feel like a king-size bed. 

Combining two twin size beds is a great idea, but it won’t look like a king-size bed. The master bed will neither look like a twin bed nor like a king-size bed. However, it will look quite similar to a king-size one! 

You get the same width as a king-size bed when you combine two twins. There will be around a 5” difference between the length of a twin bed and a king bed. Twin size beds are 5” shorter than a standard king-size bed. 

This new sleeping arrangement may not feel quite comforting if either you or the partner is tall.  You will have to order a custom-made bed to ensure both of you accommodate conveniently.

How to Turn Two Twin Beds into a King-size Bed?

Is a king bed two twins? Not exactly, but this arrangement looks quite similar to a king-size bed. You will need two Twin XL mattresses to create a standard king-size bed. Try the following steps to turn two twins into a king-size bed. 


Step 1: Create a foundation:

You can either choose two Twin XL frames or a king-size bed frame to create a foundation. Suppose you go for a king-size bed frame, two twin mattresses won’t feel steady enough. The twin size mattress may not fit properly in the bed frame and the bed won’t feel comfy. 

Two Twin XL bed frames may also not feel comfy if the bed frames are not aligned properly. These beds should not move or shake otherwise there will be an obvious gap between both beds. Whether you use a large king-size frame or two Twin XL bed frames, make sure the upper surface is steady. 


Step 2: Place a pad:

It is an optional step, but it can help you in keeping the bed steady. Some memory foam or latex mattresses can come with a slippery bottom. If the mattress is slightly smaller than the size of the bed frame, it will slide off and cause discomfort. 

Get a rubber pad and place it below the mattress. The rubber pad will keep the mattress in place and also protect the mattress’s bottom from wear and tear. So, check whether your mattress fits perfectly or not. Buy the rubber pad if the mattresses are slightly smaller than the bed frame!


Step 3: Reduce the gap:

Your master bed must have a uniform sleeping surface otherwise it will feel quite discomforting. If there is some gap between two mattresses, you have to fill it when setting two twins together. 

Mattress brands offer foam fillers designed to bridge the gap between mattresses. Go online and search for this product because you will get many affordable and comfortable options in foam fillers. 


Step 4: Level up mattresses:

Couples often cuddle or sleep closely on the master bed. Since gap fillers cause a tiny lump between two mattresses, it might make your king bed a little uncomfortable. That lump won’t seem like big trouble if you don’t cuddle or sleep together in the middle. 

If that lump is an issue, you can use a mattress topper to level up both mattresses. The sleeping surface will feel even and you will enjoy comforting sleep throughout the night. Avoid this suggestion if the lump doesn’t cause any trouble! 


Step 5: Securing both twin mattresses:

You can make the bed feel more stable with the help of straps. Use straps around both twin mattresses’ edges to secure them. Thus, both Twin XL mattresses will lock together and the gap between mattresses won’t increase at all. It will feel exactly like sleeping on a king-size bed with a single mattress at the top. 


Step 6: Cover both mattresses with a bed sheet:

Get a king-size bed sheet and spread it over both twin mattresses. Make your bed and now it is ready to sleep. Since Twin XL mattresses are slightly thinner than king-size mattresses, you should use a mattress pad to make the bed more comforting. Cover the entire bed with a bed sheet and then enjoy comforting sleep. 

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Both Twin XL Beds?

Every user has different preferences in mattress firmness. Since two twins make a king, now you and your partner can pick a mattress with the desired firmness. Now, there will be no argument over mattress type and composition. 

Having two different mattresses to sleep is also beneficial for you if you or your partner is a major turner or tosser. Both mattresses move separately and the other person’s sleep is not affected due to constant shaking. 

So, which type of mattress you should choose for your Twin XL beds? There are several aspects of a mattress that make it comforting. Since every person has different comfort needs, you should carefully assess the following factors before placing the order.  


  • Mattress composition:

Modern homeowners prefer memory foam or latex mattresses over box springs. Hybrid mattresses are also quite popular because they offer the best features of both all-foam and box springs. 

You should prefer a memory foam mattress if you want a firm base to sleep. It will provide the best support to keep your body in an ergonomic sleeping position. Go for a hybrid mattress if you seek the springiness of box springs and a comforting layer of foam on top. 

Decide what type of sleeping surface helps you in relieving body aches and provides refreshing sleep. Thus, you will pick two mattresses with the right composition to sleep all night long. 


  • Mattress firmness:

Your partner may prefer different mattress firmness than you. Therefore, it is not a good idea to buy two Twin XL mattresses with the same kind of firmness. If you assess the mattress firmness on a scale of 1-10, the soft mattress will have a 3-5 firmness rank. A medium-firm mattress will be ranked between 6 and 7 and a firm mattress can rank between 8 and 10.  

You should choose a soft mattress if you are a side sleeper. Soft mattresses are also perfect for users with joints and muscle pain issues. Go for a mattress with medium firmness if you constantly change your sleeping positions. Stomach sleepers should prefer a firm mattress to avoid back pain problems. Read the plush vs firm mattress guide.


  • Mattress height:

Mattress height isn’t always an issue because most people choose a single king-size mattress for the master bed. Since you are combining two Twin XL bed frames, the mattress height should be the same to create an even sleeping surface. 

You may select two different types of mattresses with different compositions. Make sure their heights are similar otherwise you will have to use a mattress pad to create an even sleeping surface.  


  • Build quality:

Not all mattresses are built to provide long-lasting service. Some mattresses sag within a few years whereas high-quality mattresses stay firm for many years. Invest your money in two Twin-XL mattresses that provide at least 5-10 years of service

Always check buyers’ reviews to assess the build quality of a mattress. Genuine buyers often leave negative comments if their mattress doesn’t offer a satisfying service. It will help you in assessing mattress’s performance and longevity. 


Can a king-size bed frame accommodate two twin mattresses?
Yes, a king-size bed will accommodate both twin mattresses. Because twin mattresses are not as long as king-size mattresses, there will be some extra space available. To fill that gap and perfectly fit the mattress, attach upholstered headboards to both twin bed frames.

Is there any specific bedding I'll need for my new sleeping arrangements?
It’s possible that you won’t get sheets that fit perfectly, but that won’t be a major problem. King-size bed sheets come in a variety of sizes from various manufacturers. A large king-size bed sheet that fits perfectly on your new master bed is easily available.
To make a king-size bed, should I purchase two Twin XL bed frames and mattresses?
If you and your partner prefer different types of sleeping surfaces, you should give this master bed arrangement a shot.