How to Restore Memory Foam Mattress?

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How to Restore Memory Foam Mattress?

How To Fix a Sagging Memory Foam Mattress?

A memory foam mattress feels pretty comfy and supportive until it starts sagging. Sleeping on a sagging memory foam mattress becomes a daunting task. Even though manufacturers offer years of warranty, it does not cover minor sagging. Therefore, you have to deal with this issue on your own!

You aren’t the only person dealing with this problem. Sagging mattresses trouble many people and effective solutions are available to make them comfy again. You can learn in this post how to restore memory foam mattress. Reveal some fixes to restore the comfort and support of an expensive mattress to increase its service life.

Why does a memory foam mattress sag?

Before you learn the solution to restore a sagging memory foam mattress you should know why it sags. Thus, you can prevent this issue and maintain the necessary comfort levels. Your mattress is sagging probably due to one of the following reasons:


  • Poor support:

Premium quality mattresses come with multiple support layers. The bottom layer is called the support layer. It ensures the user does not sink too far into the bed. The mattress maintains its natural shape due to this particular layer.

A memory foam mattress with a poor-quality support layer will sag much faster. You will have to add more support at the base to make it comforting. Experts also suggest the use of a mattress helper to resolve this particular issue.


  • Putting extra weight on the mattress:

Putting extra weight than the mattress’s true capacity is not a great idea. Thin mattresses sag faster than thicker ones. Most mattresses nowadays are 10” thick. You daily put the weight on the mattress when you go to sleep or take a small nap.

Regular usage leaves an indentation on your mattress and you can’t do much about it. The sagging process can reduce if you increase the base support. The mattress won’t slow as faster as it is sagging now.


  • Poor foundation:

Did you check the guidelines and instruction you received with the mattress? Those instructions must have revealed what kind of foundation bed frame needed to support this mattress. The leading mattress manufacturing brands also suggest the user leave a 1-3” gap between the mattress slot. It should not be more than 3”! If there is more than 3” space between slots, the mattress will sage prematurely. That’s why it is quite important to contact an expert before buying a mattress. You learn such small things which make a huge difference.


  • Placing mattress on an uneven surface:

You should ensure the foundation is even before placing the mattress over it. An uneven surface can reduce the service life of your mattress. It does not matter how expensive it is, it will sag. You not only have a problem with the mattress but also with the surface if it’s not even. You also need to fix it.

Aging foam, poor mattress care, and excess moisture are some other factors that contribute to mattress sagging. Continue reading to learn how to restore a sagging mattress.

Things you should do to prevent the mattress from sagging when it’s new:

You should take care of the mattress from the day you buy it. Take care of the following things to maintain the required comfort levels:


  • Choose the right foundation support:

Modern mattresses are designed to offer a comforting service for many years. You won’t need a new one if you place the newly purchased mattress on the right foundation. Carefully check what type of support suggested by the manufacturer.

Most manufacturers require the user to place the mattress over an even and solid surface. A tough wooden bed frame will do the job. The frame should be strong enough to support your and the mattress’s weight.


  • Use a mattress protector:

Mattress protectors are available in all shapes and sizes. You should equip your mattress with it as soon as you buy it. This protection eliminates the chances of water damage. The mattress won’t catch dust and it will stay clean for a long time.

High-quality mattress protectors are waterproof, dustproof, and they also protect the mattress against scratches. This thing does not cost a lot of money, but it helps you in saving a large sum of money. So, invest in it before it’s too late!


  • Regularly rotate your mattress:

It is probably the simplest way of preventing a mattress from sagging. Not just a memory foam mattress, but all kinds of mattresses remain comfortable if you rotate them regularly. Many mattress manufacturers suggest the buyer not do it. However, it is a necessary action to wear the mattress evenly.

Your mattress will soften and sag quite quickly if you don’t rotate it. Rotate it once every 2-5 months to enjoy a comfy sleep. Do not flip the mattress! Just rotate it 180° to prevent it from sagging.

kids jump over the mattress

  • Don’t let kids jump over the mattress:

Not all kinds of mattresses wear quickly when you jump over them, but a memory foam mattress does! You should use it gently and ask your kids to not jump over your bed. Do not allow them to jump over their mattress if they also got a memory foam bed.

This material along with the bed frame wears quite faster when you jump over it. You will sage it much faster and a tiny crater will be visible on the upper surface of the mattress. Use it carefully to prevent it from wearing faster.


  • Do not place a room heater too close to your bed:

Being a heat-sensitive material, memory foam can wear out quickly due to excess heat. You may use a room heater during the winter season. Do not place it too close to your bed. It can easily affect the quality of the mattress and make it sag faster.

A solution to restore a sagging memory foam mattress:

Yes, you can restore the natural shape of your sagging mattress if you try the following solution. You will need the following things to apply the fix:

  • A stiff pillow
  • A mattress pad or topper
  • A layer of plywood
  • A mattress helper

Arrange all four things and then follow the below-given method to restore your sagging mattress.


  • Place your mattress on the floor:

Place your mattress on the floor. It will seem like a newly bought mattress from the store.


  • Set the pillow underneath the sagging part of your mattress:

Choose a soft pillow and place it under the sagging part. Make sure the pillow is filled with soft fiber. It will lift the sagging region and make the mattress comfortable again.


  • Use a mattress topper:

If you have recently bought a mattress and it is sagging, buying a new one is not a wise decision. You should buy a mattress topper instead. It can eliminate the discomfort caused by a sagging mattress.

Most mattress brands offer mattress pads. Choose a fiber-filled or down-filled memory foam mattress topper. It will make your mattress more comforting, even if there is very little hope. Choose a thicker mattress topper if the memory foam mattress sagging a lot.

Thicker toppers eliminate the need of fixing the mattress. You can place it over the mattress and enjoy the comfort of a new one. You should buy this thing online. Choose a retailer that offers a full refund if the topper does not fit perfectly.

The mattress topper will reduce the discomfort levels until the mattress foam is comfy. The topper won’t do the job if the mattress itself has worn completely. You will have to buy a new mattress in this situation.

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  • Use a layer of plywood or cardboard to fix the mattress:

This solution works only when the mattress feels comforting like a new one when you place it on the floor. Place the plywood underneath your mattress until the sagging part comes up. Use some cardboard if the plywood is not available. The goal here is to lift the sagging part of the mattress to make it comfortable again.


  • Use a mattress helper:

You must try a mattress helper if your memory foam mattress sinking middle. Mattress helpers are designed specifically to restore sagging mattresses. You need to place this thing directly below your mattress.

Check the area where your mattress sags the most. Now place the mattress helper below it. It will resolve the issue and increase the lifespan of your mattress.

You should buy the mattress helper online. Check reviews and then place the order. Thus, you will pick the right product and sleep on a more comforting bed.


When is the best time to buy a new memory foam mattress?
A memory foam mattress can last up to nine years, however, it should be replaced after seven years. Constant use degrades the mattress and causes it to lose support over time. Also, if the surface of your mattress is lumpy or uneven, or if you observe noticeable sagging, it may be time to replace it.
Is a memory foam mattress topper going to aid a sinking mattress?
Memory foam mattress toppers are a short-term fix for a sinking mattress. We don’t advocate adding a mattress topper to a sagging mattress since the topper will eventually droop in the same places as your mattress. If you need a mattress topper, one with a firmer feel can provide extra support if your bed begins to sink.
Can you flip a memory foam mattress?
The majority of memory foam mattresses include a bottom support layer and a top comfort layer. The stability of a mattress with this structure will be compromised if it is flipped.

However, some memory foam mattresses are double-sided, so check with the manufacturer to see whether it’s flippable.

Final thoughts:

A sagging memory foam mattress can cause neck pain, back pain, and other problems. It will be quite discomforting to sleep on such a mattress. You might even not sleep much longer. Therefore, you should apply one of the suggested solutions as soon as possible.

It is possible to slow down the wearing process of a memory foam mattress. You have already read the ways to prevent a mattress from sagging. It will sag, but slowly. Now you know how to fix a sagging memory foam mattress. So, apply the suggested solution if your mattress starts sagging within a few years.