How To Sleep Less?

how to sleep less
How To Sleep Less?

How to Train Your Body to Sleep Less?

Can Sleeping Less Be Effective?

In the era of multitasking and overtasking, many people think that they can save a few hours of their sleep, especially at night. But that may not be a good decision as your body and brain do not agree with you. Some adults desire to get a maximum of 7-9 hours of sleep at night. But less than that one may face negative experiences of sleep deprivation like a weakened immune system, memory loss, or irritations. If you want to learn how to sleep less but effectively, read this post till the end.

In the present times, people have very busy lives due to which it becomes difficult for them to sleep for adequate hours every day. Particularly on days when there is too much work pressure, it becomes impossible for someone to sleep enough. That’s the reason why people have started asking the question of whether or not it is okay for them to sleep less. This question is answered very well in this post ahead so keep reading.

Is it okay to sleep less?

The requirement of sleep is based on several factors such as genetics and age etc. Some people are by gene, they sleep less which is 4-5 hours of complete sleep at night for them. While others may be called as long sleeps for them more than 9 hours sleep will be best at night.

The quality of sleep that a person needs and when you decide to get up in the morning also summarises your body health. But if you feel of are very much sleepy at your work or feeling tired after a long night of full-fledged sleep then you may consult a doctor.

The person cannot alter his gene and become a short sleeper, as he can improve his sleep habits and daily routines.

This cannot be an easy thing to make your body accept that to sleep less at night but it can be an effective way to become a short sleeper. It will help you to improve your health and maintain a balance in your sleep.


Tips to Increase the effectiveness of less sleep:

So the time which you spend while turning and tossing can be wastage of time. Instead, you can scrape off the hours which you are spending to fall asleep for proper sleeping and waking up habits. So let us discuss some tips below which can help you in knowing how to get less sleep:


  • Turn off all electronic devices:

Try to turn off the electronic devices before going for a peaceful sleep this includes a laptop, television, phone, or tablet. From these gadgets, the short wave emissions of artificial blue light that is coming out from these devices are releasing melatonin which is a hormone that provides sleep.


don't use mobile in bed to sleep less

  • Give yourself time to relax:

The main aim for the person is to make your body fall fast asleep when you feel tired. There is only one way to do that happens is to give yourself most of the time to relax and sleep at night before lights go off. Try to turn your home or your bedroom from bright light to a dim light so that you can fall asleep.


  • Control alcohol consumption at night:

Consuming alcohol which is a sedative that can make you feel cold or can help you to fall asleep quickly. But it can be metabolised in your system to sleep for several hours which may cause sleep disruption and poor quality of sleep. High consumption of alcohol can dehydrate you and suffer from a hangover which can stop you to wake up in the morning.


  • Decrease the temperature of your bedroom:

Sometimes the temperature of the bedroom and bed can affect your good sleep as too much warmth at night may disrupt your sleep. Try to make the thermostat somewhat down to almost 60 degrees to 68 degrees Fahrenheit which means 15 mean degrees Celsius or you may open up a window to have good sleep at night.


  • Buy a new pillow:

Some people hold on to their pillow for a long time than they should go for. The pillows can last for almost 1 to 2 years but too long can lose their quality as well as shape and become unsupportive for your head and neck which can affect your sleep. So try to buy a new pillow for not to get any disturbances in your sleep.


  • Get up from bed when you wake up:

If you are dependent to wake up on your alarm clock and addicted to the snooze button then try to give those 10 minutes to make your routine better. If you wake up on time or earlier try to get up from your bed at that moment then it will not make you sleep more on your bed. So when you are awake get up from your bed at that moment.


  • Change your lifestyle:

It can happen to get a good amount of sleep if one can change his lifestyle. The person can make a habit of good sleep by eating healthy snacks at two hours at intervals which can prevent the person from having heavy foods in the evening. It is always said that light foods can make your body energetic and are easily digestive.


Try to avoid stressful topics during your bedtime which can help you to get a good and relaxing sleep. But it is also said that improper routine and unhealthy food may lead to insomnia. For example:


  • By keeping your brain fully involved in playing computer games in the evening.
  • Taking a nap in the afternoons may also disrupt your sleep at night.
  • If you have a heavy dinner then it can feel you bloated before going to sleep.
  • Heavy dinner may also lead to obesity and result in sleep problems when the air passage gets blocked and trapped.


Sleeping for lesser hours can also make you feel energetic and refreshed. It is a common notion that people who sleep less and work more are comparatively active than those who sleep more. Many adults require at least 7 hours of sleep to wake up fully refreshed. But limiting your sleep can also cause health problems like depression, heart disease, or obesity. So, if you need to limit your sleep then you need to follow the tips which are above mentioned in this article.

Can your body work well even with less sleep?

You will be surprised to know that there can be days on which your body can work well even without proper sleep. So, if you’ve had less sleep you need not worry about your work getting hampered because you can follow the tips mentioned below to know how to function with less sleep:


  • Drink a lot of water:

    Fatigue is a common thing to suffer when you are dehydrated. By drinking more water, one can feel more refreshed and awakened. Also, everyone you drink water, it is like a short break which prevents you from falling asleep and keeps you active.


  • Shower with cold water:

    Coldwater acts as a very good stimulant and when you shower using cold water, your body gets a sudden shock which wakes you up completely. Someone can’t keep taking showers through the entire day. When at work, you can just splash cold water on the face.


  • Take short naps:

    Whenever possible, you must take short naps for at least 20-25 minutes in between long hours of sleep. This will help in recharging your mind and body. If your workplace doesn’t have a quiet area where you can take a nap, you can take a nap in the car or any other room.


  • Don’t drive:

    You shouldn’t be driving when you’ve had less sleep. Lack of sleep can make you feel tired and exhausted and it’s unsafe to drive when you are feeling exhausted. It can be really dangerous and life-threatening at the same time due to the absence of mind.


  • Work your body out:

    To feel refreshed even with a lesser amount of sleep, you must perform as many physical exercises as possible. Working out your body is a great way to keep it distressed. By exercising, the energy in your body gets boosted and metabolism is increased too. These bodily changes help you in surviving throughout the day and also provide you with better sleep during the night.


There are several ways to practice in the context of how to train your body to sleep less. Some of these ways have been discussed above to help you sleep less yet better. It is important to follow these tips because there are days on which you might not get the sleep you require. It will be certainly not possible to accommodate itself the change in sleep schedule all of a sudden which makes it essential for you to train your body to sleep less beforehand. You must have a good workout routine and follow other important tips to Increase the effectiveness of less sleep.


Does less sleep increase my chances of getting sick?
Yes, a lack of sleep may have a negative impact on your immune system. According to studies, people who don’t get enough or good sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus like the common cold virus. If you become ill, sleep deprivation may affect how quickly you recover.