Does a Memory Foam Mattress Topper Causing Back Pain?

Does a Memory Foam Mattress Topper Causing Back Pain?

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Causing Back Pain

The memory foam mattress is made of memory foam that provides extreme comfort to the body. However, this mattress can also cause pain in your body due to a variety of reasons. Hence, some memory foam mattresses can be harmful as they might contain toxic chemicals including naphthalene, benzene, and formaldehyde. It also contains isocyanates that might be extremely harmful and may lead to irritation of the throat, nose, skin, and eyes. Memory foam causes pain and that is the reason you suffer from pain after your long night’s sleep.

If you are interested to know more about why this memory foam mattress can cause any kind of pain in your body then, follow the post below. The post will be highlighted on the various aspects of this memory foam mattress. It will also shed some light on the ways to understand if your mattress is causing issues. So, keep on reading the post below if you are keen to know about other side effects of the memory foam mattress.

What are the memory foam mattresses?

Memory foam

The memory form mattress is as stated above made of memory foam that provides support to the human body. Different layers of memory foam together make up this memory foam mattress. This memory foam mattress uses the heat of the human body for softening and moulding to the shape of the person sleeping. Hence, when the person wakes up and moves out of the bed, this memory form bounces back in its original shape gradually. The term memory is used for this type of mattress as it remembers the shape of the person who was sleeping. The pressure exerted when you sleep on it remains on it and the mattress comes back to its original shape after a long time.

But, the question arises why does this happen? Why does the memory foam remember the shape and the shapes evade very slowly? Well, the memory form is made of a polymer that is a substance made of several small molecules bonded together and named polyurethane. It is a versatile polymer made of plastic and can be used for producing a variety of different products and materials such as mattresses, sofa, as well as other furniture. The shape of this mattress changes with the way the person sleeps on it. With some time, it starts to take the shape permanently. The impression hence stays on the mattress.

So, you might have understood by now what the memory foam mattress is and why it might be a cause of pain in a nutshell. You might be wondering that how could such a mattress cause body pain? Being a mattress that changes the shape with the pressure, it might be comfortable than being painful. The reasons why memory foam mattress causes back pain will be explained in the next section. So, keep on reading the post further for detailed elaboration on the list of reasons behind the same. You can read more about what is memory foam?

Why does the memory foam mattress cause back pain?

As you know about the memory foam mattress, you might be wondering how this can be harmful and can cause pain in your back. Well, the truth is, this mattress made of memory foam can cause back pain due to the substance that this form is created from. If you are suffering from back pain after sleeping on the memory foam mattress then, know that it is not just due to age. The back pain does not just occur due to age but also due to the mattress you are using.

So, if you are having back pain then it is indeed due to your mattress. It is hence critical for you to know why this happens to solve the issue entirely. When you sleep on the memory foam mattress, your mattress will adjust and take a shape of your body. Your spine too will align along with it. Since this memory foam mattress supports the natural alignment of the human body, it might feel comfortable for a while but, you will know gradually that this is causing back pain.

These mattresses can be beneficial for those who wish to get a mattress that provides them extreme comfort by aligning with the natural curves of the body.

But, as you sleep for a long time on this mattress, you will realize it is causing more problems than solving them. Memory foam is made up of polyurethane that makes it the most comfortable and flexible mattress. Let us proceed further to the next section to know other details regarding the subject. So, keep on reading the post further to know the ways to identify if your mattress is causing back pain.

How to know your mattress is causing back pain?

The memory foam mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses. It however does not stay comfortable if you sleep for a long time in the same posture. There are a variety of ways to identify if your mattress is causing back pain. A few of those hints regarding the same have been enlisted below for your reference. So, go through the below points to know the ways to identify the cause of your back pain.


  • Back pain when your wake up

To begin with, the memory foam mattress can cause back pain in your body. You will understand this if you are feeling pain in the early morning when you wake up. This is a direct indication that your mattress is either completely new or too old for you and hence you need to replace it.


shoulder pain

  • Bought a new mattress

Additionally, if you are suffering from back pain it might be because your mattress is new. A new mattress is not so easy to adjust. You have developed a habit and now changing this habit will take time. So, till your body adapts to the changes, you might suffer from back pain.


  • Mattress being too soft or hard

If your mattress is way too soft or way too hard, it might lead to back pain. So, check if your mattress is either of the two then, you might have to replace it with another mattress. Plush vs firm mattress article.


  • Aged mattress

Another reason could be the age of your mattress. If your mattress is too old then, it might be harmful and hence cause body pain. This again is a hint that you need to replace the mattress with another one as an aged mattress might also lead to rashes, itchiness, and others.


  • Turning all night

If you are unable to sleep all night and hence taking turns constantly, it might be due to your mattress. Your mattress is either not comfortable to you and this is the reason you are not able to sleep and has been awake since all long night.


These were a few of the ways through which you can know if your mattress is the reason behind your back pain. If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned points then, know that it is all because of your mattress. Let us now understand the various other side effects of the memory foam mattress.

What are the other side effects of memory foam mattresses?

If your memory foam mattress topper causing back pain, then it is not all. There might be several other side effects of the memory foam mattress as well. Hence, it is advised to take action and replace this memory from the mattress with another. A few of the other ways the memory foam mattress can affect your body and daily routine have been mentioned below for your reference and knowledge.

  • The memory foam mattress can lead to a lack of sleep. You might be awake throughout the night due to this memory foam mattress. You may feel comfortable but may find it difficult to sleep for a long stretch.
  • Alongside, you might also suffer from not just back pain but also full-body pain. You may experience full body pain to the feature of the mattress to align with the natural shape of the body. This might feel good initially but you will gradually realize it is the cause of your pain.
  • The memory foam mattress also contains the substance isocyanates that, as per the Occupational health and safety administration, cause irritation to the nose, eyes, and skin as well as lead to asthma and chest tightness. Read more about memory foam allergy symptoms.


These are a few of the other side effects of the memory foam mattress on the human body. Hence, take proper care of your mattress and know what it can lead to if not taken proper care.

The memory foam mattress is the best only in the beginning. If not taken proper care may lead to problems. Hence, just remember all the symptoms and the ways to identify if your mattress is causing back pain. If you are suffering from those stated above or ever face in the future then, you will now know what you need to do as a response.


Is My New Memory Foam Mattress Causing Me Back Pain?
Yes, it can definitely cause back discomfort. As a result, if you choose an exceptionally soft or firm memory foam mattress, your entire body will hurt, particularly in the joint and back areas. Only a certain mattress and sleeping posture will not harm your back. As a result, purchase the appropriate one to get the desired level of sleep.
Does a Memory Foam Mattress Topper Causing Upper Back Pain?
If your memory foam mattress is overly firm, it can cause pressure spots and spinal misalignment it can cause upper back pain. Similarly, if it is overly soft, your body will sink into the mattress, resulting in poor body posture and, as a result, upper back discomfort. Only the proper one will provide the appropriate level of comfort while producing no pain.
Does a Memory Foam Mattress Topper Causing Lower Back Pain?
Yes, if you do not get the exact firmness level that is optimal for your physique, your memory foam mattress will induce lower back discomfort. The perfect one not only keeps your backbone in neutral alignment when sleeping but also relieves pressure spots.