Metal vs Wood Bed Frame: Which One to Choose? 

metal vs wood
Metal vs Wood Bed Frame: Which One to Choose? 

Metal vs Wood Bed Frame

Usually, people focus on buying the right mattress more than anything else while purchasing a new bed. But what they forget is that the bed frame has to sturdy to bear the weight of people. Also, the bed frame has to be of the right size to fit the mattress. The bed frame plays an important role in laying the foundation of the bed and providing comfort. Hence, comparing wood vs metal bed frame completely makes sense. You must carefully consider every important factor before choosing any of the two. There are innumerable things to consider like price, material, size, etc. Don’t rush. Prioritise the factors according to your preference before making a decision.

We have given a close comparison of both materials based on different factors. Let’s go through them below.

Cost of metal and wood bed frames

For many people, the price is the deciding factor. If you are going by the price and looking for something cost-efficient, metal bed frames would be the appropriate choice. The cost of metal bed frames is substantially less as compared to wood bed frames.

However, if you prefer to buy a large-sized bed or wanting to get a sturdy metal, you must go for wood bed frames. In that case, wood bed frames become an economical option. So, if the price of the material is the primary concern, both materials are affordable. If you are going for small beds, choosing a metal bed frame would be cost-effective. On the other hand, choosing a wood bed frame becomes economical if you want to buy large-sized beds.

The sturdiness of metal bed frames vs wood bed frames

In this case, sturdiness means what holds up. Just like the price, a large-sized metal bed frame would be sturdier than a wooden one. Metal is expected to be strong enough to hold up a larger mattress. In addition to that, even large-sized metal bed frames are less prone to physical damage than any wood bed frame.

Still, wooden bed frames are usually made up of thicker materials and provide sturdier stability systems. Especially when you buy wood bed frames made by professional skilled tradesmen, you get customised sturdy wooden furniture.

Wooden bed frames are also known to provide stronger support because they are constructed with slats.

Metal bed frames are rarely found to have this design. Wood is used purposefully to get sturdiness. If you are looking forward to enjoying support over a long time, choosing a wood bed frame would be the ideal option.

Noise eliminated by metal vs wood bed frames

One might not consider noise to be an important factor when choosing a particular bed frame. But, if you have ever experienced sleeping in a creaky bed you would understand how important the level of noise is while sleeping. Because wood bed frames are sturdy and there are fewer chances of the frame to pull apart, wood bed frames are best suited if you want to have a peaceful sound sleep.

If you are someone who tends to move around a lot at night, you definitely would want to buy a sturdy tough bed frame. So, choose a wood bed frame and let your partner sleep in peace too!

Compact bed frame

Pros of the Metal Bed Frame

Below enlisted are some ways in which metal bed frames are better:


  • Less Maintenance

Metal bed frames need less maintenance. You must know that metal surfaces don’t scratch or dent as easily as wood tends to. Thus metal bed frames are more preferable if you cannot devote enough time to their maintenance. Metal bed frames would also not be affected by termites and other insects.


  • Durability

There’s no doubt that metal bed frames are stronger than wooden ones. Not just that, if you are to question whether the metal is more durable in comparison to wood, the answer would be yes. The metal bed frames can also handle more weight than wooden ones are designed to.


  • Lightweight

You must have noticed that metal bed frames are lighter than wooden bed frames. The most advanced metal bed frames come with wheels. Hence, mobility isn’t an issue nowadays. You can shift your metal beds easily from one room to the other. If you are someone who has to shift his residence frequently, opting for metal bed frames would be ideal.


  • Adjustability

Several customised metal bed frames have adjustable settings. Their size can be adjusted to fit the size of the mattress placed on it. However, this doesn’t mean that wood bed frames aren’t adjustable. Some are but they come at a higher price.


Disadvantages of choosing a metal bed frame

Just like there are advantages, there are disadvantages to choosing a metal bed frame too. Go through the cons mentioned below.


  • Rust

Though there is less maintenance associated with metal bed frames, they rust easily. Over time, rusting deteriorates the metal’s appearance and reduces its appeal. Hence, homeowners are advised to not choose metal bed frames.


  • Toxic

Metal bed frames increase one’s exposure to electrical pollution or electromagnetic fields. Over time, this exposure would increase and deprive you of sleep. Consequently, health problems would arise. If you value your health, you must think carefully about this.


  • Squeaky

If you are wondering which bed would squeak more, metal bed frames is the answer. Metal against metals would result in a squeaking noise. This will in turn affect your sleep and peace. It can be quite disturbing for others too.


  • Uncomfortable

Not all metal bed frames have the best design. Sometimes they are flimsy. It will give improper support to the mattress. If this happens, it will not only be uncomfortable for you to sleep in but would also cause back problems if you continue to sleep despite the discomfort.

Wooden bed frame

Pros of the Wooden Bed Frame

Now that you have understood the various advantages and disadvantages of choosing metal bed gtames6, let’s see how wood bed frames are useful.


  • Sturdy

Though metal is sturdier than wood, when it comes to manufacturing bed frames, wooden bed frames are stronger than metal ones. Wooden bed frames are manufactured from thicker materials and have sturdier stability systems.


  • Easier to Assemble

According to a few homeowners, metal bed frames are easier to be assembled. But, wooden bed frames too are easily assembled. The wood itself can be moulded into various things.


  • Customizability

A cool thing about wooden bed frames is their ability to be customised into whatever the customer wants. If you are adept enough, you can cut the pieces into anything of your choice with a saw at home. What to add specific colours or paints to your wooden bed frame? Even that’s possible at home.


  • Sustainability

If you are looking for a more sustainable product between wood and metal, wood wins. Some reputed companies produce wooden bed frames which cater to council standards and guidelines. This means that the wood has been grown and nurtured and harvested responsibly and is being replenished.


  • Variety of options

Wooden bed frames are available in a variety of options, each with its distinct colours, characteristics, and prices. Below enlisted are three of the most popular wood varieties.


Oak: Comparatively, it is the most expensive variant. Arguably, this wood variety is the best for manufacturing wood bed frames.


Pine: Lesser priced than the former one, but popular among softwood bed frames.


Birch: This variety is low priced. It’s a kind of hardwood that is good for manufacturing contemporary wood bed frames.


Cons of the Wooden Bed Frame

Just like there are advantages, choosing a wood bed frame also has disadvantages. Some of them have been mentioned below.


  • Fire Hazard

Needless to say, you must keep flammable substances or liquids away from wood. Make sure it doesn’t catch fire. This isn’t a huge concern though. You just need to be mindful of this.


  • Heavy

Wood is heavier than metal. As a result, shifting wood bed frames is tougher than metal ones. It’s harder to be transported. Also, it’s difficult to be assembled sometimes. If you don’t want your floor to get scratches, buying a wood bed frame might not be the perfect choice for you. However, you can place an old rug or add felt.


No matter how you compare a metal vs wood bed frame, the decision always is yours to make. It comes down to the personal preference and taste of the homeowner. Some people prefer to buy stylish bed frames while some focus on comfort rather than style. Others prefer wooden bed frames because they get to choose from a variety of materials, textures, and shades.

When it comes to buying the right bed frame, consider the factors which are most important to you. For instance, if you are considering style, sturdiness, and limited noise, wood bed frames would be ideal. On the other hand, if you are focusing on price, metal bed frames would be cost-efficient.