Plush vs Firm Mattress – Which is The Best for You?

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Plush vs Firm Mattress – Which is The Best for You?

Difference Between Plush and Firm Mattresses

When you start to choose the perfect mattress for your good night’s sleep, you would come across various options. Plush and firm mattresses are some of the commonly found variants. It would be a tedious task to confirm between plush vs firm mattress.

First, you should understand the difference plush vs firm mattresses, and then you should go out into the market space to find a mattress. A firm mattress offers strong support while you are sleeping. On the other hand, a plush mattress is more cushioning, and when you sit or sleep on it you feeling like sinking into it.

The level of firmness required by your body depends on your sleep style, personal preference, joint health, and your overall body weight.

In general, mattress companies rate the firmness of their products on a scale of 10 points.

Higher the number, the firmer the mattress is. The firm mattress helps to enhance the neutral spinal alignments and the plush mattress reduces the pressure points. Both of them have their benefits and today we are going to discuss them in detail. The comparison of plush vs firm mattress is given below

About plush mattresses with their advantages and disadvantages

Plush mattresses- These are extra soft mattresses, made of memory foam which provides a soft level. The surface level of the mattress is so soft that people often describe sleeping on plush mattresses as sinking into a luxurious bed. These mattresses are best for people sleeping in the side position and seek pressure point relief.

The reason behind it is if you are a side sleeper and suffer from joint pain, the softer mattress will give your pressure points enough support to relieve the pain while on the bed. The memory foam results deform when gets pressure and gets back to its original shape when the pressure is released.

These plush mattresses cushion your body when you are sleeping and provide you with comfortable sleep the entire night. However, stomach sleepers hardly prefer plush mattresses as the incredibly soft cushion can make them feel suffocating, and the sinking mattresses force their spine upward leaving them in a strange and uncomfortable position.


However, people sleeping. Whereas when you are sleeping on either side, the cushion of the plush mattresses cushions your pressure point giving a soft and cushion-like feeling resulting in relief in your body.


Advantages of Plush mattresses

Few advantages of plush mattresses are as follows

  • Helps in temporary relief in joint pains- These mattresses are very soft and not firm which results in joint pain relief.
  • Help align hips-soft mattresses delivers the right support so it is good for people with hip pain.  
  • Easy to move-Unlike traditional mattresses foam mattresses are easy to move dorm a room to another.
  • Helpful for light sleepers-Light sleepers finds it hard to fall asleep on hard mattresses. Plush mattresses can improve their sleeping quality. A person with lightweight can also opt for plush mattresses.


The disadvantage of plush mattresses

Few advantages of plush mattresses are as follows:

  • Doesn’t support spinal alignment- The soft mattresses don’t have proper firmness so it wouldn’t help spinal alignment. It rather can give back pain if someone is sleeping on their back.
  • Is more expensive- Plush mattresses are more expensive than firm mattresses as the raw materials used in these mattresses are costly.
  • Not good for people with heavier weight- A person with heavier weight might have a sinking feeling and immerse in the mattresses which will enable them with fewer movements.
  • Not good for shoulder and neck pain- If a person is suffering from shoulder or neck pain a plush mattress might not suit them as the cushion won’t give them proper support which a firm mattress would give.


Firm Mattresses with their advantages and disadvantages

Firm mattresses are not very soft compared to plush mattresses. They are referred to provide exceptional support. While some find them hard, stiff, and very uncomfortable while other people like stomach sleepers and back sleepers find them a good choice.

The firm beds help the back and stomach sleepers with proper spinal alignment. However, for side sleeper’s firm mattresses tend to disturb their pressure points which leaves them with aches in the morning. While some complain about their pressure point while sleeping on a firm mattress some complaint about their knee pain.

However, the knee pain can be released by placing a soft pillow under their knee irrespective of the firmness or softness of the mattresses. After sleeping on a firm mattress for someday people however get adjusted. Firm mattresses won’t be harmful to you in the long run.

If you are sleeping on firm mattresses there are chances that you won’t get sleeping soreness after you wake up in the morning. If a person is suffering from severe back pain sleeping on a firm mattress might cure his back pain after some time. It always provides strong support to every individual.


Advantages of firm mattresses

Few advantages of firm mattresses are as follows:

  • Helps your body with proper alignment- If you are lying on the firm mattress you can make your body maintain a proper alignment, and this can decrease any kind of pain including muscle pain and shoulder pain and this can also have an impact on your posture.
  • Sleep comfortably and reduce stress levels- Firm mattresses can hardly give you sleepless nights as sleeping on firm mattresses you don’t wake up with sore body and muscles and so it reduces the stress levels among people.
  • Easy movement- When you are sleeping on a firm mattress you don’t get dug in the bed and so moving from one side of the bed to another is quite easy.
  • Last longer- The firm mattresses are enough strong and hence with its firmness it lasts long.


Disadvantages of firm mattresses

Few advantages of firm mattresses are as follows:

  • Not very suitable for pain– If you already have pain in your muscles and body, the firm mattresses can increase your pain more with their hard nature.
  • May increase lower back pain– Due to lack of gentle support, the firm mattresses may give lower back pain depending on an individual’s pain.
  • Adjustment problem might occur-If you are using a plush mattress and want to replace the same with the firm mattress you might have a problem in adjusting with firm mattresses.
  • Can increase your expenditure- Since adjusting with a firm mattress would take some time, you might need pillows or a mattress topper to get your body adjusted with the firm mattress which indirectly would increase your overall expenditure.


Factors to consider while buying a mattress

There are several factors to look at while buying a mattress. Each individual has got their own choice when they are buying mattresses for their bed. However, some of the highlighting factors have been discussed below.


  • Sleeping position and weight

As it is discussed before that different types of sleepers will sleep on different beds, A side sleeper will be benefitted if opting for a plush mattress, and a person sleeping on stomach and back will have good sleep if they sleep on firm mattresses.


  • Mattress type

Various mattress materials have different benefits, drawbacks, and peculiarities. For example, memory foam will provide a generous hug while latex is comparatively tough. Innerspring mattress bounce and hybrid beds give uniform support and cushioning. Whichever you want to go for always lay for 15 minutes on the mattress before buying and if you are buying it online select those mattresses which offer a home trial.


  • Budget

The budget also plays a vital role when you are choosing the mattress. Choose your mattress according to your budget. The budget-friendly mattresses also give required support. In case of a limited budget, any mattress brands also provide financing options.


  • Warranty

This factor determines the quality of the mattress. Longer coverage generally means the mattress is made of good quality materials.


Are hotel beds soft or firm?
Usually, hotel mattresses are medium to medium-firm. Extreme mattress firmnesses, such as plush or hard, are unlikely to appeal to the majority of visitors, resulting in complaints. Medium and medium-firm mattresses are more of a compromise for most individuals, making them ideal for hotels.
Are firm beds unpleasant?
No, as long as they are appropriate with your sleeping posture and size, firm beds should not be uncomfortable.
Are plush beds bad for your health?
It’s a popular misperception that hard mattresses are better for you than cushy ones, however this is not true. Plush and hard mattresses are simply suited to various types of sleepers.

Final Verdict

The difference between plush and firm mattresses is not drastic. Both plush and firm mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be said that one kind of mattress is useful and the other isn’t. To know which mattress will suit you have to test by sleeping on the mattress for at least seven days. Also, the wrong mattress will leave a person with aches in the morning.

The plush mattress provides support to side sleepers whereas firm mattresses provide support to people who sleep on their back and stomach. After researching, it can be said that firm mattresses are safer compared to plush mattresses as they will be beneficial in the long run.

No matter whatever is your comfort level is during your sleep time, you should always welcome a mattress that has pressure relieving components. It will help to cradle every muscle of your body and support you have a great sleep. Only when you sleep well, you will be able to start fresh.

Hence, mattresses have a crucial role to play in your life. Therefore, before heading towards the final decision, do thorough research about plush vs firm mattresses. Check the advantages of each of the mattresses and then decide to get the perfect one for yourself.