What Do Couples Sleeping Positions Reveal about the Relationship?

couple sleeping position
What Do Couples Sleeping Positions Reveal about the Relationship?

What Do Couples Sleeping Positions Reveal About the Relationship?

Nobody has control over the sleeping position. We automatically choose a pose that comforts us a lot. You may be a back, side, or stomach sleeper, but this pose will change when you get a partner to share the bed.

Couples sleeping positions reveal a lot about their relationship. You subconsciously choose one of the following positions when sleeping with your partner. Some people prefer to keep a separate space whereas the rest like to get tangled up with the person they love.

Changes in sleeping positions can occur as days pass and you get deeply involved with one another.

We are going to discuss many couples sleeping positions to reveal what they mean. Read this post if you want to know what the sleeping positions reveal about the relationship.

Spooning Position

The spoon sleeping position is the classic couples sleeping position. It occurs when your partner makes an intimate and protective stance behind you as you lean your back towards him or her.

Most couples prefer spoon position sleep because it offers physical and emotional comfort. If you like to sleep in this position, you love your partner a lot. New couples also prefer sleeping in this position to be close to each other. The spoon position also has two variants, which are as follows:


  • Big Spoon:

If you lean towards your better half to embrace him/her from behind, it is the big spoon sleeping position. This pose reveals that you are the one who tries to comfort the significant other. This relationship is more precious to you than any other thing.


  • Little Spoon:

This position states that you want to feel protected and safe with your partner. It also shares that you seek some nurturing and extra TLC.

Loose Spoon Position

Many partners do not seek body-to-body touching when they have dated for a long time. Spooning is common among new couples, but not among couples who have been together for many years.

Loose spooning reveals that both partners now prefer better quality sleep. Both you and your significant other know there is immense love. So, you do not feel the need to maintain body-to-body contact to feel together. There is no need for reassurance and therefore lose spooning what you prefer now.

If your partner is a loose spoon and you are the big spoon, your partner now prefers extra comfort while sleeping. It doesn’t mean the love has been lost in the relationship so do not misjudge this position!

Chasing Spoon Position

It is another variation of the spoon sleeping position. It occurs when one partner lies on the side and another person follows. It looks like the big spoon is chasing the little spoon. The chaser often gets in the yearner position whereas the little spoon gets in the fetal or log position.

The chasing spoon position reveals the partner being chased prefers to play hard to get. It may also mean the little spoon seeks free space to sleep and doesn’t like body-to-body contact throughout the night.

This sleeping position may also reveal that the little spoon’s needs are not being fulfilled. The big spoon may be craving more attention in the relationship!

Back to Back Position

If you fall asleep and still maintain back to back contact, this position reveals independence and closeness in your relationship. It is called “moon landing” when your bottoms are in contact. This means you and your partner like to be sexually connected and yet prefer to sleep on different sides.

There is immense trust and comfort in your relationship if you like this position to sleep. It also reveals that there was a fight, but you still like to be with one another. Things are going good and there is nothing to worry about!

Front to Front Position

This sleep position occurs when both partners face each other and cuddle or touch in sleep. Your heads will be at the same level your arms may stay draped. It reveals you have gotten a like-minded partner.

This position states everything is fine in your relationship and you like to be around each other all the time. You should be happy if this is your favorite sleep position.

Head on other’s Shoulder Position

Head on other’s Shoulder Position

People also call it the “Shingles” sleep position. You or your partner will sleep on the back and the partner will put his/her head on the back sleeper’s shoulder. It is one of the most common sleep positions among couples who have been together for a long time.

Couples, who have a high level of cordiality, prefer this sleeping pose. It indicates you have immense confidence in your partner. You have a good understanding and you do not fight as often as normal couples do. If you put your head over the partner’s shoulder, you like him/her to be the protector. It is your way of showing love and you like to be loved.

Sweetheart Cradle Position

It is one of the most satisfying sleeping positions that seem like a nurturing pose. One partner sleeps on his/her back and another puts the head on the back sleeper’s chest. Legs will be tangled and you both will hold one another.

If you like to sleep in this position, there is good teamwork and a high level of trust in the relationship. You are in a romantic relationship and like to be protected or protect your partner. It will be your favorite sleeping position if you are feeling immense love for your partner. New couples also like this position because it makes them feel together.

Leg Hug Position

If you and your partner like to touch your legs, it shows you seek emotional or sexual attention. The person is subconsciously expressing the desire and seeking more love. This sleep position also reveals you both are a unit.

This sleep position is an indication of a desire for more intimacy and love. It is one of those relationship sleeping positions that occur when you have been together for a long time.

Unraveling Tangle Position

This sleep position mostly occurs when both partners go to sleep. They both go back to their space and sleep separately after a few hours. Couples, who like to get the best of both worlds, prefer this sleeping position.

There is enough independence and intimacy in your relationship if you like this sleep position. You care about your space and also want to be connected to your partner. It is a sign that everything is fine and there is a good balance of romance, independence, and intimacy between you and your partner.

Intertwined Sleep Position

New lovers and couples love this pose because it is the most romantic couples sleeping position. You and your partner will be fully intertwined when sleeping in this pose. You might prefer it before or after having intimate movements.

Suppose you have recently started dating, it will be your favorite position to sleep. There are couples, who have maintained this pose throughout the relationship. It reveals both partners are depending on one another for emotional and sexual comfort.

Stomach Sleeper Position

If both partners are sleeping on their stomachs, it’s a sign of struggle and fear in the relationship. This sleep pose is also a sign of lack of sexual trust and anxiety in the relationship. Suppose it has become your favorite sleep position, you need to get closer to your partner. Go on a vacation and spend some time together to find that missing intimacy and love.

Space Hog Pose

If you or your partner sprawl over a major portion of the mattress and sleep in the starfish pose, your partner will have very small space to sleep. It is called the space hog pose and some people even push their partner off the bed.

This type’s of sleeping position shows the selfishness in the relationship. Suppose both of you prefer this pose, you both are trying to be dominant. It shows both of you express desires frankly and have a balanced power dynamic in this relationship.

No Contact Face-to-Face

Something is missing in this relationship if both of you sleep face to face without any contact. Do not consider it a bad couples sleeping position because you can anytime fill the gap and make things more romantic.

No Contact Back-to-Back

This sleeping pose is a sign of independence. It shows both of you are self-sufficient and do not rely on each other for your needs. Experts also call this pose “Liberty Lover” because both of you seek some free space in your lives.

Pet Barrier

It is become quite common among couples to have a pet. That pet slowly occupies their space and also shares the bed with the couple. Some people prefer to have a pet to get some free space and also to strengthen their relationship with the pet.

This sleep pose may also mean that there is some tension and something is missing in your relationship. If it is the case, then get a new dog bed and resolve the issue with your partner.

Final thoughts

As you have checked, all 15 sleeping positions reveal something special about your relationship. Check which couples sleeping positions you prefer while sleeping and what it means. The given information will certainly improve your bond with your significant half and bring more happiness to your life.