Where to Donate a Mattress?

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Where to Donate a Mattress?

Where to Donate a Mattress?

Best Guide to Donate a Mattress

A mattress is an essential part of every home as it provides comfort and proper sleep after a tiring day. Every mattress has its durability and after that period, you may not find it useful and comfortable enough. Instead of leaving the mattress unused at home, you would certainly want to get rid of it. The best option for disposing of an old mattress is donating it to someone who may get benefitted from it. There are a lot of places where you can donate a mattress and this post shall take you through a few options you can try for donating your old mattress.


Why should you donate a mattress?

Everything has its lifespan and when that is over, it loses its usefulness. The same applies to a mattress. A mattress, when becomes old can no longer be used for sleeping. When you find that your mattress cannot be used anymore, you can just donate it instead of throwing it away. Overall, if it is still usable, people who need it may use it for a few years in the future. Fortunately, it is not difficult to donate a mattress. There are several places which accept old mattresses. However, there are certain factors to be considered and you should be aware of these factors before making a move.


Can you give your old mattress to the Salvation Army?

As Salvation Army is one of the largest charity-based organizations, many people want to know do the salvation army take mattresses. The answer to this question is yes, they do take mattresses but only if some particular requirements are met. A mattress cannot be donated to Salvation Army if it is stained, damaged or has signs of wear and tear.

In simple words, if the mattress is not suitable for the users to sleep, the Salvation Army won’t be willing to accept the mattress in such a poor condition.

However, if the mattress was used along with the mattress protector, there could be higher chances of acceptance by the Salvation Army. The best part is that most of the depots or shops of the Salvation Army offer to pick-up services which make it easy for people to donate a mattress even if they don’t own a car.

What are the other places to donate a mattress?

Do you have an old mattress at your home that is no longer in use? You must be looking for ways to get rid of it as a mattress occupies a large amount of space in your home. The best way to get rid of an old mattress is by donating it to someone who can use it and is in need. However, it can be difficult for you to look for such people individually and contacting various charitable organizations can be helpful in this regard. Apart from the Salvation Army, let’s see the other options available for donating a mattress:


  1. Habitat for Humanity

Another charitable organization that accepts old mattresses is Habitat for Humanity. This is an internationally famous organization that partners with various communities throughout the world to create shelters for people who are in need. However, this charitable organization also accept donation in other forms.

They have donation centres known as ReStores which can be found in different parts of the country. Before users can donate their mattresses, it is advised to get in touch with the regional ReStore and ensure that the mattress can fulfill their needs. Similar to the majority of the charities, Habitat for Humanity accepts a mattress only if it is in good condition and can be used. This means there should be no rips, stains, tears, or damaged layers within. A lot of ReStores offer pick-up facilities whereas, some of them don’t. Hence, in some areas, the users can donate their mattresses without having to visit a ReStore.


  1. Goodwill

The users who have problems with their regional Salvation Army can opt for Goodwill as it is one of the greatest charities to accept mattresses. Goodwill only accepts those mattresses which are free from rips, signs of mold, or stains so that people who need those mattresses can benefit themselves from young these mattresses.

However, as old mattresses have sanitary concerns, all Goodwill locations don’t give acceptance to such donations. That is why it is recommended to call the local Goodwill and ask whether they give acceptance mattress donations or not. You can join the Goodwill mattress donation camp to donate a mattress to people who need it.


  1. Local Charities

In several cases, the local charities also accept donations in the form of mattresses for creating better living conditions for children, men, and even those who live in local shelters. The simplest way by which you can discover charities situated near you is by using the internet. You can search for organizations online and visit their official website to schedule a pick-up, so the users don’t need to carry the old mattresses on their own.

It is always advisable for you to donate a mattress to a local charity because it can give better sleep to the people who are in need. Since the only option for these people is usually the floor. If you are still wondering where to donate a mattress, you must know that by making this donation, you can help someone sleep more comfortably and all you have to do is get in touch with the local charity.


  1. Homeless shelters

It is also an easy and good option to donate a mattress to any homeless shelter because you would barely find a shelter that would not accept a mattress, even if it is a used mattress. But, it may be possible for them to schedule a pick-up, but mostly, the users need to carry the mattress on their own or make the necessary arrangements of transportation.

Those who have a limited budget will prefer the nearest homeless shelter for obvious reasons as they would not want to spend their money on delivery or gas services. You can take the help of the internet to look for shelters around you and visit government websites too. Here, you will find ample sources available just through an easy search on Google.


  1. National Furniture Bank Association

Often times, when users search for places where they can donate a mattress, they come across the National Furniture Bank Association. There’s no second thought to this because this organization spreads across the entire North American and has ample services all through the country. Mostly, the locations reacted to Furniture Bank offer free of cost pick-up service, particularly for people who stay close.

If you are willing to donate them a mattress, you can call them up and get a pick-up scheduled. This can also be done by visiting their official website. The pick-up service is free to avail, a few locations just ask for a nominal amount as a donation. If they don’t, mostly the users choose to contribute even a smaller amount as a donation. After all, the main aim of this organization is to help people who are in need and every cent is equally important to them.

How to hunt for people who need a mattress online?

Many users can’t donate a mattress via any charitable organization due to many reasons. For them, many places accept mattresses without any donation. The best option is to look for people around you who need a mattress. This may sound a bit difficult to you but it can be done very easily. Particularly because of the technological advancements, the internet has become so easily accessible that people can search for anything they want just by sitting in their homes.

You can also use the internet to hunt for people around you who need a mattress. You can either search for them directly through a Google search. Or, another easy option can be to use your social media platform to get in touch with people who need a mattress. You can just share that you want to donate a mattress to a need on your social media accounts and they will be flooded with replies. So, the internet is a good way to search for people who need a mattress. You can also ask for referrals or other people if they who someone who needs a mattress.


There are several options to consider if you want to get rid of an old mattress and fortunately, most of these options are very helpful for needy people. After all, if your old mattress doesn’t offer you comfort anymore, it may not be suitable for you but someone else can put it to their use. The most well-known donation centres are the local Salvation Army, homeless shelters and Goodwill. However, before taking your old mattress to any local charity, you should connect with them and ask if they offer pick-up services like to Salvation Army mattress pickup service. Availability of a pick-up service can make things easier for you.


Will a used mattress be accepted by a charity?
Used mattresses are accepted by many charities, but only if they are in decent shape. Those with symptoms of wear and tear, stains, or inside damage are typically not approved.
Is it true that the Salvation Army collects mattresses?
Yes, there is a free pick-up service provided by the organization. The Salvation Army, on the other hand, only takes mattresses in good condition.
What should I do if I am unable to give my old mattress?
You can find a local recycling facility in this scenario. You may also advertise the mattress on the internet in case it is needed by someone, regardless of its condition.