Why does the air mattress keeps deflating?

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Why does the air mattress keeps deflating?

How To Keep Air Mattress From Deflating

If you have bought a new air mattress or planning to buy a new air mattress then you should give read the post below. There are certain things that you should be aware of if you are using an air mattress. You might have felt that your mattress keeps deflating over time but then that is not a problem as will be discussed in the section below.

If your air mattress deflating no hole is prominent then there might be several reasons for the same. The post will also discuss the preventive steps that will help you to keep your mattress safe and operative. So, continue reading further to know all the exciting information about your brand new air mattress.

Why does the air mattress keep deflating?

If you are tired of getting up in the morning and finding that the air mattresses of yours have sacked completely. Then, do not worry! You are not the only one facing it. Air mattresses deflate overnight even when your mattress does not have any holes. If you’re wondering why your air mattress keeps deflating even when you fill it with full capacity before sleeping then continue reading further to know about the same. We are to provide you all the possible reasons in the section below.


  • Not following user manual

If you have recently bought an air mattress, you would probably be very excited and hence would not like to waste your time reading the user manual. But, if you think that reading the user manual will give you no gain then you are highly mistaken. The reviews that you might have read elsewhere are based on the general precautions and to know the steps to use the mattresses that you have, you would be required to know the steps mentioned by your particular manufacturer.

Many times people omit this step of reading the user manual and end up with the wrong usage of their mattresses which gives them negative results.

So, do always remember to read the user manual that is provided by your manufacturer to operate the air mattresses properly.


  • Pressure on mattress

Another reason why your mattresses get deflated overnight is the pressure that you put on your mattresses. If your new mattresses deflate overnight, then it might be because you have over inflated the mattresses before using them and also have put a lot of pressure on it. Make sure that you do not overinflate or put over pressure on it so to avoid damages. Apart from this, keep in mind not to be casual in following the instructions on the user manual regarding the amount of pressure you could put on the air mattress.


  • Unseen leakages in your mattress

Your mattresses might have some unseen leaks which might result in the mattresses deflating overnight. These leaks might be so small that it becomes difficult to identify them. The best way for keeping your mattresses safe is to check the surroundings of your mattresses well before laying them down. The one thing which we would recommend you is to put a normal bed sheet under the air mattresses to avoid possible damages. If you see a leak- see A Complete Guide To Fix Air Mattress Leak.

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  • Non availability of built-in pump

The next reason why your mattresses might deflate overnight may be because of the external pumps. The air mattress hand pump releases the air upon disconnection. However, this might be one of the reasons why your mattress might shrink after some time. The new mattresses are designed with built-in pumps that will help you solve this problem. So, if you are purchasing a new air mattress, then make sure to buy a built-in pump-designed mattress.


  • Temperature

Another most important factor that you should always keep in mind is the temperature. If your air mattress losing air but no hole is visible, it might be due to the temperature. The temperature at the night is cooler compared to the temperature on a day. This would mean that your inflated air mattresses will shrink during the night as the temperature drops down. To stop this, you could look for self-inflating automatic air mattresses which can refill themselves.

These were certain reasons due to which your mattresses might deflate overnight. As you now know the reasons behind the same, let us proceed further to understand how you could prevent it. The section below will deal with the ways through which you could prevent the problem of deflating.

How to prevent deflating?

If you wish to know how to keep air mattresses from deflating overnight then you are reading the right section. Below are certain ways through which you could keep your air mattress from deflating overnight. The points mentioned below will also help you to increase the life of your air mattress. So, do give a read to the section below.


  • Check your surroundings

You need to check your surroundings well before using your air mattress. Many times the rough surface causes damages to your air mattress. To take care of your mattress in a proper manner check the surroundings well before laying the mattress down to sleep. We would also suggest you put a bed sheet below the mattress double sure about the same.


  • Deflate after every use

The next important way through which you could prevent the same is to deflate your mattress after every use we suggest you deflate it after every use to avoid the possible damage to your air mattress. Air mattresses are not a permanent solution for you to sleep for an end number of hours. It is equally important for you to deflate it after every use to get long-lasting results. No pump? see Inflating An Air Mattress Without A Pump Hack: What You Need To Know.


  • Fold the mattress carefully

The next preventive measure that we would like to suggest is to fold the mattress carefully after every use. So, when you use your mattress and deflate it after every use, make sure to fold the mattress properly and store it in the right place. If you do not pack your air mattress carefully, it may develop certain small holes which you would not be able to detect. The more carefully you fold and store your mattress, the longer will be the life of your mattress.


  • Opening

The next important thing to keep a mind is to watch the opening well. Make sure that the opening or the nozzle is open up to blow air from the mattress. The opening might lose the rigidity over some time and thus the air might escape through small holes easily. Thus, you should be careful about the same and tape over the nozzle when you feel it started losing its strength.

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  • Automatic pump

The next important thing to consider is the automatic pump. Whenever you’re planning to purchase a new air mattress, do keep in mind to purchase a mattress that has a built-in automatic pump. This will help you avoid possible damage to your comfortable and soft air mattress.

These were some steps that you could follow to prevent your air mattress to deflate overnight. The steps above will also help you increase the life of your mattress to a long span. Now that you know the steps to prevent air mattresses to deflate overnight, let us now move on to know more details about air mattresses.

How long can you use the air mattress?

If you are wondering how long you could keep your air mattress inflated then we would suggest you to read the user manual that your manufacturers has provided you. But, before that, the duration of keeping your air mattress inflated will depend upon the reason why you are using your air mattress in the first place. If you are using an air mattress as a replacement for your bad then you need to think about it.

There are certain steps that you are supposed to follow if you are using an air mattress for a long duration or as a replacement for your bed. You need to deflate your mattress after every use so to enhance the life of your air mattress. There is no specific time duration till which you could keep your mattress inflated as different manufacturers will have different rules and regulations for their products.

Thus, we would suggest you read the user manual properly before using your air mattress. Even if you have read several reviews and feedback from people you might still not know the details of your mattress as the feedbacks and reviews are put on a general basis. Your particular mattress will have its own rules and regulations for using and storing it.

The air mattresses are one of the best mattresses that provide a lot of comfort. As per several reviews, air mattresses provide best quality of sleep. The air mattresses have a long life but it requires you to be careful about using and storing the mattresses. So, we would prefer you to follow all the tips given above in the post. Make sure to follow the guidelines mentioned in the user manual of your air mattress. It is very important, especially,  if you wish to keep your air mattress for a long time.