Best Low Bed Frames 2022 Reviews

Best Low Bed Frames 2022 Reviews

Ground Bed Frames For Your Bedroom

You will come across many different types of bed frames and one of them is low bed frames. They are designed in a specific way and are lower than regular bed frames. These bed frames are perfect for living spaces with low ceilings.

The minimalist design of ground bed frames makes them fit any home décor and style.

Many of you may not know this but these bed frames are inspired by the Japanese style of “near floor sleeping.”

If you haven’t slept on a lower bed frame before, it may feel a bit odd in the beginning, but soon you will get used to it.

If you are looking for beds low to the ground, you are in the right place. We have researched popular brands and compiled a list of low bed frames that could be perfect for you.

Low bed frames are becoming quite popular among buyers. If you want a new bed frame for your bedroom, you can consider getting a low bed frame. Check out the details of the products below and then you can select the one you like.


Benefits Of A Low Frame Bed

A low full-sized bed has plenty of benefits that you are not even aware of. If you are unable to decide whether to get a low-frame bed or not, we can help you clear the dilemma. Read through the pointers below to know why a low bed frame makes a great choice.

Low frame beds are beds low to the ground. They feature a modern look that helps transform the look of your bedroom. These beds have quite popular because of the unique design that separates them from traditional-style beds.

Low-frame beds are mainly available in contemporary and modern styles. It is because of this reason, they make the perfect addition for a modern bedroom. The thing about low bed frames is that they easily fit in the contemporary look. Almost all furniture pieces including the center table, sofa, etc. are kept low. Another big advantage of low frame beds is that they are better at saving space than a full-size traditional bed. This type of bed frame can also be used in cramped bedrooms. They are designed in a way that helps a room appear spacious. Not just that, but they are also perfect for low ceiling rooms.

Many lower frame beds come with storage space such as drawers. This allows you to store your belongings and thus, save more space in your bedroom. If you are in a small apartment or house, you should consider getting a low frame bed for better space management.

There’s no doubt low bed frames look great. Due to their modern look and style, they look aesthetically pleasing. They are less bulky and feature an elegant or minimalist design. This particular style of bed frames makes the perfect match for a contemporary or modern décor.

The low bed frame you buy could be the centerpiece of your bedroom. The design of a ground bed frame is ‘easy on the eye’. By adding a low bed frame, you can enjoy the functionality and also improve the look of your living space. Many of you may not know this but sleeping near the floor makes you feel cool. This happens because hot air rises from the ground and thus, keeps the floor cooler. So when you sleep closer to the ground, you feel cold too.

With a lower bed frame, you can sleep nearer to the floor. This could be a great solution during the summer months. Being cooler will help you sleep better and more comfortably. Unlike traditional beds, you need to exert extra pressure to get up from a ground bed frame. This serves as a good exercise for people who are not injured or old.

With the help of a low frame bed, you can get a bit of exercise every time, you sit or get up from the bed.


Things To Consider While Buying A Low Bed Frame

When buying a low to the ground bed frame, you should look into the following factors:

  • Durability: The bed frame you are buying should be strong and long-lasting.
  • Material: Lower bed frames are made of different materials including steel, wood, and faux leather.
  • Mattress support: The bed you buy should have support slats for a mattress. This eliminates the need for buying an extra box spring.
  • Assembly: It should be easy to assemble and include all the hardware that is required.
  • Warranty: Go for a bed frame with a longer warranty duration.

Quick Look

1.Editor's ChoiceZINUS Lottie Upholstered Platform Bed4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)Check price
2.Editor's ChoiceDHP Rosedale Metal 4 Poster Canopy Bed4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)Check price
3.Zinus Paul Metal and Wood Platform Bed4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)Check price
4.Priage by Zinus 6 Inch King-Size Platforma Low Profile Bed Frame (King)Priage by Zinus 6 Inch King-Size Platforma Low Profile Bed4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)Check price
5.Priage by Zinus 6 Inch King-Size Platforma Low Profile BedCal KingKotter Home Natural Wood Mid-century Platform Style Bed4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)Check price
6.DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)Check price
7.Leggett & Platt Murray Complete Wood Platform Bed3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)Check price
8.Abbey Bed in White (Queen)Abbey Bed in White3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)Check price

   How to choose a low bed frame?

A low bed frame is one of the most popular designs because of it’s cool, minimalistic décor.  It fits perfectly with modern interiors and makes even a small room appear spacious.

Yet, even the best bed frames can be dissatisfactory if it does not cater to your specific needs.


Hence, consider the following factors before buying a low bed frame.

  • Comfort: According to sleep experts, an average person needs a 25 inches bed frame. Though it varies from person to person.
  • Age: Getting on and off a low bed puts extra pressure on the joints. So, old aged member in your family may find it uncomfortable. At the same time, too high bed can also be troublesome not only for the aged but for children as well.
  • Depth of mattress: If you are into thick mattresses, low bed frame is your ideal deal. A thick mattress and a low bed frame combined together can provide optimum height to the bed, enhancing comfort and aesthetic along the way.
  • Overall décor: The choice of a bed depends on the overall aesthetics of the room. For instance, low bed frame is ideal for a low ceiling room.


The above-mentioned points are the guiding factors behind an accurate purchase. Having considered that, it’s time to look at the desirable qualities to look for while selecting the best low bed frame for yourself.

A low bed frame is one that is positioned closer to the ground. The frame of these beds are designed in such a way that eliminates the need for a box spring or a foundation underneath the mattress. Because of this, the mattress sits low to the ground.


Look for the following features in a low bed frame :

  • The material used in the frame: Bed frames are made from different materials such as steel, wood, and faux leather. Every material offers distinct qualities. A basic awareness of those materials can help in making better and more informed purchase.
  • Support slates: Support slates eliminate the need of a box spring. An extra box spring will raise the height of the bed and make it look bulkier.
  • Durability: It is important that the bed frame lasts long lest you would have to spend a large amount of money time and again either to maintain an old bed or buy a new one. To ensure this, make sure the bed you are buying is made up of quality material, is resistant to whether and strong.
  • Ease in assembling the bed: Low bed frames which are easy to set up and come with all the necessary hardware. Ease in portability can be a big relief at times of shifting of the bed.
  • Warranty: Make sure to buy a bed frame that comes with a warranty.


It’s time to give a try to these cool bed frames. Follow the points mentioned in the article and you are ready to give your room a modern décor.

Best Low Bed Frames

Editor’s Choice1. ZINUS Lottie Upholstered Platform Bed

ZINUS Lottie Upholstered Platform BedWith a modern style and classic design, Zinus Lottie Upholstered Platform Bed Frame makes one of the best choices. It features a unique square tufted headboard that will grab your attention at the first glance. With its classic look and sturdy build, it could easily become the centerpiece of any bedroom.

This bed frame is the perfect combination of style and comfort. It has a durable design and is made of steel. The dense foam padding adds comfort and longevity. This is a twin-size bed that can easily support up to 350 lbs. It is equipped with wood slats that eliminate the need for a box spring. The wood slats provide the required support to the mattress. It is best suited with memory foam or a spring mattress.

All the parts come packed in a box. Everything you need to assemble the bed is included in the box. Unlike other bed frames, this one is easy to assemble. It will take you about an hour to assemble the entire bed frame. To make your purchase risk-free, it comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

We love:

  • Classic design
  • Tufted headboard
  • Sturdy built
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy assembly

To consider:

  • Requires two people to assemble

Currently Available On “Amazon”

Editor’s Choice2. DHP Rosedale Metal 4 Poster Canopy Bed

DHP Rosedale Metal 4 Poster Canopy BedThe DHP Rosedale Metal Canopy Bed is one of the best low bed frames you can buy. This sleek and modern bed with 4 posters makes the perfect addition to your bedroom. The dramatic style of the bed frame will make it the centerpiece of your bedroom. It is made of durable metal that gives it a sturdy structure. If you want a bed frame that will stand the test of time, this could be the right option for you.

It comes with metal slats that are durable and stable and allow air to pass freely. This helps to keep the mattress ventilated at all times. It has 4 posters to drape with curtains or fabric to create a cozy sleeping space. Due to its steel construction, it is highly durable and can support weight up to 500 lbs.

This canopy-style bed has X-shaped accents on the footboard and headboard. These are the little details that make this bed frame attractive. It has multiple support bars underneath to hold the mattress in place. Despite that, it needs a box spring which needs to be bought separately.

We love:

  • Steel construction
  • Long-lasting
  • Attractive design
  • Multiple support bars for mattress

To consider:

  • Requires a box spring

Currently Available On “Amazon”

3. Zinus Paul Metal and Wood Platform Bed

Zinus Paul Metal and Wood Platform BedWe have yet another low bed frame from Zinus. If you are planning to update your bedroom with a new and comfortable bed frame, then Zinus Paul Metal Bed Frame would be the right choice for you. It features a very simple design. The casually styled headboard enhances the look of the bed frame.

This is a low-profile metal bed frame that is designed to stand the test of time. It does not only look good but is also durable. It is equipped with strong wood slats for support. This bed frame is best suited with a spring, memory foam, or hybrid mattress. The wood slats save you money because it doesn’t need a spring box. Foam padded tape is added to the steel frame for noise-free use. Even the wooden slats are taped so that it prevents the mattress from moving.

The rustic styling and casual charm of the bed frame will enhance the look of your bedroom. The bed frame weighs just 66.4 lbs, but it is strong enough to support up to 500 lbs. The pinewood headboard combined with a strong steel frame and seven-leg support makes it a durable product. However, if you are still not sure about the quality, you get 5 years warranty.

We love:

  • Wood slats
  • 5-year warranty
  • Durable
  • Non-slop tape for noise-free use

To consider:

  • Not stable

Currently Available On “Amazon”

4. Priage by Zinus 6 Inch King-Size Platforma Low Profile Bed

Priage by Zinus 6 Inch King-Size Platforma Low Profile Bed Frame (King)If you want a simple bed frame with a minimalist design, Priage by Zinus would be the best option for you. This platform bed frame is ideal for any low-ceiling bedroom. With this king-size bed frame, you can create a cozy and comfortable place to sleep. It is made of steel for increased durability. For long-lasting use, this would be the best option.

It is constructed to deliver dependable strength and subtle style. It features sturdy steel built with wooden slats for additional support. This means you don’t have to spend money on a box spring. This is a box-style bed frame that is perfect for any bedroom. All the bed parts are delivered in a compact box for easy moving.

The black finish of the bed frame is what makes it look more appealing. It is provided with everything you need for assembly. In just an hour, your bed frame should be ready. Given the size of the bed, it is big enough for two adults.

We love:

  • Steel construction
  • Wood slats
  • Box style bed frame
  • Big enough for two adults

To consider:

  • Takes time to assemble

Currently Available On “Overstock”

Cal King5. Kotter Home Natural Wood Mid-century Platform Style Bed

Priage by Zinus 6 Inch King-Size Platforma Low Profile BedKotter Home Natural Wood Platform Bed is a simple bed frame featuring a mid-century look. If you want something different for your bedroom, this could be for you. The low-profile frame with the mid-century look goes well with various decor styles. To make it more durable, the bed is made of solid pinewood. It is made sturdy and stable, so you can enjoy your sleep without any worries.

Best of all, it can support up to 900 lbs. This makes it an ideal choice for plus-size people. Now you don’t have to worry about your bed breaking due to excess body weight. It can also accommodate more than two sleepers at once. To make things easier, it is provided with hardware for easy assembly. It takes less than an hour for the bed to get assembled and ready.

It comes with 7-layer pressed pine slats with each slat 6 inches apart. This provides full support to the mattress, so you don’t have to use a box spring. It works well with any standard mattress. The mattress sits about 0.5-inch deep prevents it from moving from its place.

We love:

  • Simple design
  • 7-layer pressed wood slats
  • Made of pinewood
  • Weight capacity up to 900 lbs

Currently Available On “Overstock”

6. DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed

DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform BedThis faux leather low bed frame from DHP Dakota features a sophisticated and modern look. It features a button-tufted upholstered design that gives it a contemporary chic look. With this stunning bed frame, you can transform the entire look of your bedroom. Besides all the button tufts, it has extra padding for comfort.

This comfortable platform bed is a blend of comfort and functionality. It also features a sturdy and durable built. It comes with strong wooden slats for extra support for the mattress. The good thing is you don’t have to buy a spring box. This faux leather bed frame is designed to be unique. Given the design of the bed frame, it can be the centerpiece of your bedroom.

This contemporary bed design is suitable for lavish people. Besides the good looks, it is also durable enough to support up to 500 lbs. It has metal side rails for extra stability and durability, while the center metal rail and leg provide added support. It also comes with a bentwood slat system for long-lasting support and comfort.

We love:

  • Easy assembly
  • Can support weight up to 500 lbs
  • Durable built
  • Button tufted headboard

To consider:

  • Wood quality not good

Currently Available On “Amazon”

7. Leggett & Platt Murray Complete Wood Platform Bed

Leggett & Platt Murray Complete Wood Platform BedWith Leggett & Plat Murray Wood Platform Bed, you can create a comfortable sleeping space. It features an uncluttered look that makes it an ideal choice for limited size space. The side rails with a center rail and cross slats, provide full support to the mattress and thus, eliminate the need for a box spring.

The mahogany finish is what makes the bed frame more appealing. The sharp angles and clean lines create a simple and yet bold look. This twin-sized platform bed is made of solid wood with a mahogany finish. Due to its minimalist design, it can match well with all types of home décor. If you have limited space in your bedroom and don’t want a cluttered look, this bed frame would be the right option for you.

This bed frame is protected with a 10-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. The clean, contemporary look of the bed will enhance the look of your bedroom. It is big enough for accommodating two people.

We love:

  • Mahogany finish
  • 10-year warranty
  • Highly durable
  • No box spring needed

To consider:

  • Takes time to assemble

Currently Available On “Amazon”

8. Abbey Bed in White

Abbey Bed in White (Queen)Abbey Bed Frame looks unique because of its bright white colour. The entire bed frame is white. If you want an elegant-looking piece for your bedroom, this could be the perfect choice for you. With this bed frame, you can add a fresh look to your bedroom.

It features a white upholstered headboard and low profile footboard-style frame. The good thing is it is available in two sizes including queen and king. The bed has a modern look that will complement the current décor of your room. It has 13 slats attached to the frame. This provides full support to the mattress and also eliminates the need for a box spring.

This modern-looking bed is perfect for people who are more into aesthetics. The white finish adds a pleasant feel to your room. Besides the good looks, it is also strong and durable. The only issue is that it is hard to maintain because of the pure white colour.

We love:

  • Beautiful design
  • 13 slats
  • No box spring needed
  • Durable

To consider:

  • Hard to maintain 

Currently Available On “Overstock”


Is a box spring required with a platform bed frame?
A box spring is not required to support a mattress on a platform bed frame. This feature is likely to appeal to those who do not want to pay extra for a separate box spring.
What is the price of a platform bed?
Platform beds range in price from $75 to over $1,000, with the majority costing between $200 and $500. The cost varies according to the materials and construction. Platform beds made of solid wood are often more expensive than those made with basic metal frames. Storage under the bed, headboards and upholstered frames with extra cushioning are other elements that might raise the price.
What exactly is a Low Profile Bed?
Any bed that is low to the ground is referred to as a low-profile bed. This often refers to frames that do not require a box spring or foundation to be installed beneath the mattress, such as a platform bed frame or an adjustable bed frame. Because they don’t need the extra layer, the top of the mattress is lower to the ground than it would be otherwise.


Low frame beds are suitable for saving space and low-ceiling rooms. They can also be used to improve the looks of your living space. Almost all lower bed frames come with modern and contemporary looks. If you want to give your bedroom a makeover and planning to get a new bed frame, you should consider getting a low bed frame. You can select from the mentioned products in the post.