8 California King Blankets that are trending in 2022

Degrees of Comfort – California King Electric Blanket
8 California King Blankets that are trending in 2022

California King Blankets that are trending

Today, we’ll present eight of the best California king blankets you can choose for your bedroom. If you don’t know what to take into account before purchasing blankets, don’t worry. We’ll clear most of your doubts while reviewing the best options you can choose.

Our bedrooms are sacred places where we spend a great part of our lives; they provide us with comfort, intimacy, and refuge. Perhaps, the most sacred object in a bedroom is the bed (otherwise, the room would have a different name). When you arrive home after a long day at work, one of the first things that cross your head is to lie down on the bed. However, it isn’t as pleasant as you may think it is if all you find when you arrive at home are a mishmash of blankets.

Having a disastrous bed is something many of us deal with pretty frequently for multiple reasons. Don’t worry; we’re not here to judge you. You may gain a bit of motivation to make your bed and keep it cozy by getting some good blankets.

Here we’ll present you with everything you need to take into account while purchasing blankets – plus the trending options you can choose for this year. Whether you want to renovate your blanket or want to purchase one for the first time, here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get the best blanket according to your preferences and budget.

What to have in mind while purchasing California King Blankets

Why are they called California King Blankets?

Have you wondered what the California king blanket size is? Well, in fact, it is the biggest size of blankets you can find.

Blankets not only come in different designs but also in different sizes. The smallest ones are twin blankets, which have dimensions of 90” x 65”. Contrary to this, king-size blankets are the biggest ones, with dimensions of 108 x 90 inches.

Sizes can vary from a brand to another. Also, you may find “oversized” blankets that are a bit larger than the traditional measurements.

Here we’re taking into account both traditional and oversized California king blankets.

However, the size is not the biggest issue when it comes to blankets – it is the fabric.

Mattress sizes

Quick Look

1.EASELAND – Soft California King Blanket4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)Check price
2.Editor's ChoiceLEISURE TOWN – Fleece California King Blanket4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)Check price
3.Elegant Comfort – Fleece Blanket4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)Check price
4.Solid Colored Microfiber Down Alternative BlanketSolid Colored Microfiber Down Alternative Blanket4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)Check price
5.1221 Bedding Oversized Down Blanket1221 Bedding Oversized Down Blanket4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)Check price
6.Degrees of Comfort – California King Electric BlanketHeatedDegrees of Comfort – California King Electric Blanket4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)Check price
7.Editor's ChoiceHILLFAIR – California King Cotton Blanket4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)Check price
8.Grand Hotel Woven Cotton Throw BlanketGrand Hotel – Woven Cotton Throw Blanket4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)Check price

About the fabric

We’ve discarded the size problem – now let’s move on to the fabric. It can be quite complicated to pick, as there are tons of options out there, and all of them are good in unique ways. Thus, what we’d recommend is to choose blankets that suit your needs and preferences.

It’s also worth noting that the fabric doesn’t necessarily reflect the price. However, it is a determining factor, along with the brand and whether it is electric or not. Surprisingly enough, some electric blankets are more affordable than regular ones. You may find 100% cotton blankets for fewer prices than a microfiber blanket. It all depends on where you’re searching and how you’re handling the search.

There are 7 different fabric types used to manufacture blankets.

1.    Cotton

Cotton is known for being a resistant material. They come in different weaves – thus, some of them can be perfect for summer while others are hefty enough to keep you warm during winter.

Cotton’s resistance makes it perfect for multiple wash cycles. Thus, a California king cotton blanket is the best option for an allergic person.

2.    Wool

Wool is similar to the “winter side” of cotton. This fabric is characterized as being weighty and warm. Moreover, although their insulation is exceptional, all the moisture will evaporate out of it easily. If you’d like to keep yourself warm at all times, then wool is your best option.

Please keep in mind that some people are allergic to wool, so it may not be the greatest idea for most people.wool

3.    Down

Down blankets are comparable to down comforters. However, they’re characterized for being extremely thin and light. Despite that, they keep you warm even during the coldest nights due to the layer of feathery down – or any substitute in case you’re allergic to feathers.

4.    Cashmere

We’re now talking about premium stuff. Cashmere blankets are quite expensive, but they’re exceptionally warm and silky.

5.    Synthetics

Synthetic blankets are all around the place. Polyester and acrylic are among the most common materials, but you may also find others like microfiber. They’re a good option, but keep in mind that they’re magnets of static electricity. Not everything is bad, though. Synthetic blankets can be economical if you know where to purchase them!

6.    Fleece

If you’d like something that keeps you warm but doesn’t feel “heavy.” This fabric is often used to equip a child’s bed, especially because they keep the moisture away.

7.    Vellux

Vellux is the ultimate fabric for allergic people. They’re pretty used in hotels due to their hypoallergenic nature. Furthermore, they’re extremely resistant, survive at hostile temperatures, and are soft and warm enough to keep you comfortable all night. It’s an excellent deal!


Electric blankets

Do California king electric blankets exist? Yes, they do.

Besides what’s mentioned above, electric blankets have also become an option in today’s market.  These blankets allow you to modify the temperature levels to what you feel most comfortable. If you’re sharing a bed with someone, perhaps a California king electric blanket dual control is the option for you!

Best California King Blankets

There are thousands of California king blankets that you can choose from in today’s market. Thus, it can be quite overwhelming to choose a specific product for yourself. However, after thoroughly reviewing hundreds of blankets, we have diminished the process and organized them according to the user rating and our own criteria. It should be easy for you to select the best product according to your needs based on top-quality choices.

We’re now well immersed in the blanket world. Now it’s time to get to know what your best picks for a California king blanket are.

1. EASELAND – Soft California King Blanket

EASELAND – Soft California King BlanketEASELAND is one of the most remarkable blanket providers at the moment. They are characterized for providing high-quality products in all their categories, and blankets are not the exception. For this occasion, the “Soft California King Blanket” is advertised as a set for a couch bed, but its dimensions make them perfect for pretty much any bed option. Thus, don’t restrain yourself from getting it if you feel like it was made for you.

This California king blanket is made of microfiber polyester. Thus, it comes at an affordable price while offering top quality simultaneously. It is resistant, soft, and “warmer than traditional blankets.” If you’d like to combine your bed using something specific, this blanket comes in 19 different colors – including gray, purple, turquoise, and even wine red. You can be sure that you will find a set that matches your style.

Another remarkable aspect of these blankets is their “duality.” One side is smoother, while the opposite one is plush. Thus, it is like getting two products ins one.

Also, you won’t have to struggle while trying to wash them. You can leave this task to the washing machine – all you need to do is configure the gentle cycle and use cold water. It’s an excellent option if you’re not really into washing sheets that often.

We love:

  • There are plenty of color choices, making it easier to combine with any room.
  • There are two sides with different textures for extra comfort.

To consider:

  • It can be costly for some users.

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Editor’s Choice2. LEISURE TOWN – Fleece California King Blanket

LEISURE TOWN – Fleece California King BlanketNext up, we have an option by the popular brand LEISURE TOWN. These blankets are beloved by thousands of users around the web due to their versatility, softness, and silky texture. In addition, they may seem a bit “heavy,” but in fact, they’re lightweight and easy to carry.

LEISURE TOWN has made its Fleece California King Blanket available in more than twenty colors!

As for the material, it is made of microfiber polyester. Thanks to this, they’re extremely resistant and will serve you for a long period. Like the previous option, all you need to wash them is throw them in the washing machine, put them in cold water, and leave them to tumble dry. Low temperatures are highly recommended. You won’t have shedding problems after washing them, too!

This California king blanket will keep you warm during winter while also being your companion during those hot summer days where you spend most of the day hiding in your room with AC.

We love:

  • As it is made of fleece, it is extremely durable.
  • It’s easy to wash.
  • You can choose 20 different colors.

To consider:

  • It is made of fleece. The texture may not be as pleasant as other materials. Picky users may have a hard time getting used to it.

Currently Available On “Amazon”

3. Elegant Comfort – Fleece Blanket

Elegant Comfort – Fleece BlanketThis California King blanket by Elegant Comfort is also a good option. Although it is a blanket, you can also use it as a quilt or a throw. Hence, its versatility is one of the most competitive factors against its rivals.

It is made of fleece, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally spill liquids on it as it is easily washable. Moreover, thanks to the material, you will be able to enjoy a plushy, silky, and extremely soft blanket that will keep you warm during the coldest nights.

According to its specifications, it is made of silky soft double-brushed microfiber fabric. Thus, its durability is 100% assured. You don’t have to worry about it “disappearing” slowly after a few washes. Now that we mention that, this blanket is machine washable and dries quickly in low temperatures – tumble dry is required.

Another competitive aspect of this California king blanket by Elegant Comfort is the price. It is half the price of most of the options listed here – yet it is one of the best-rated blankets in the market.

We love:

  • It’s versatile and durable.
  • It’s soft and silky.
  • Even if you wash it multiple times, it will retain its soft texture.

To consider:

  • You don’t have as many color choices as other options.

Currently Available On “Amazon”

4. Solid Colored Microfiber Down Alternative Blanket

Solid Colored Microfiber Down Alternative BlanketThis blanket offers multiple things and is available in a wide range of colors. You can select one of the thirteen options, the one that matches your style the best. Furthermore, it has a box-stitched microfiber face that gives it a more traditional style than other options. Furthermore, it is finished with satin binding and a solid color pattern that gives it a neutral appearance while also keeping it stylish.

It contains a plush polyester fill that will help you keep yourself warm at all times. It is also a hypoallergenic option, which makes it suitable for all users. The blanket has a weight of 4 lbs.

Unlike most of the top-rated options on this list, this blanket is actually quite affordable. You can get a high-quality blanked for below $40 – and that’s something difficult to find in today’s market.

We love:

  • It’s a hypoallergenic blanket, making it suitable for most users.
  • It is available in multiple colors, so it’s easy to adapt it to your style.

To consider:

  • Its price is a bit high considering it is a basic blanket.

Currently Available On “Amazon”

5. 1221 Bedding Oversized Down Blanket

1221 Bedding Oversized Down BlanketHere we have another premium blanket. It has dimensions of 113″ x 104″ and is made of 100% cambric cotton. Despite being oversize, it isn’t too heavy, and you carry it around when you go camping, for instance.

It is filled with power white down, which the blanket keeps in a 4-inch quilt box stitch that maintains it in the same place, meaning that “shifting” won’t be an issue at all while you’re using it.

The main drawback of this blanket is that it isn’t available in too many color and design options as other blankets listed here. You can only purchase it in White and Ivory. It is still appropriate for all seasons and occasions, so you can be sure it is a good deal. Plus, since the colors are hugely neutral, you can place them in rooms for all kinds of people.

The style is more “casual” than “traditional” and features a quilted texture. Thus, you can be sure that it will keep you warm at all times while you’re using it.

You can wash it as you do with any other cotton piece.

We love:

  • It’s oversized and made of cotton. Despite that, it’s lightweight.
  • Its durability is 100% assured.
  • It has a quilted texture.

To consider:

  • There aren’t as many color choices as other options.

Currently Available On “Amazon”

Heated6. Degrees of Comfort – California King Electric Blanket

Degrees of Comfort – California King Electric BlanketThe next option is an electric blanket. It comes with dual controls, making it perfect for those sharing their beds with their significant other.

It only comes in one color, red. It is made of Sherpa, a synthetic fabric similar to wool. One of its remarkable aspects is its duality: you can choose between the fuzzy Sherpa finish and the silky side for more softness. This blanket is meant to be used as a tool for relaxation.

Another excellent characteristic is the auto-shutoff factor. You can configure it starting from one hour. Overheating is one of the many problems that electric blankets have, but this model has solved it and has made it a safe option for all individuals. Hence, you can be sure that you will be able to continue sleeping, knowing that your California king electric blanket won’t give you problems.

It may give you the wrong idea, but this blanket is actually extremely easy to wash. You need to disconnect it from the power source and put it in the washing machine. Please use cold water and let it air dry or use the dryer on low heat.

We love:

  • Your body will remain at your preferred temperature the whole night.
  • It will turn off automatically after a while. You can program it!
  • It is surprisingly easy to wash.

To consider:

  • You don’t have too many style options.

Currently Available On “Amazon”

Editor’s Choice7. HILLFAIR – California King Cotton Blanket

HILLFAIR – California King Cotton BlanketThe next option is a 100% cotton blanket by HILLFAIR. It comes in six colors, being white the most popular one. Furthermore, it is an oversized cotton blanket – it measures 102” x 108 inches.

This extra-large blanket may be quite simple, but it’s actually an excellent deal due to its manufacturing process. It is 100% organic, so if you’re looking for environmental-friendly blankets, this is your call. It is excellent for people worried about chemicals or any other harmful material putting their life at risk.

It’s easily washable; all you need to do is use the “easy care” mode in your washing machine. This blanket is ideal if you’re looking for a simple, affordable option that is also functional. Although it doesn’t have any other remarkable aspects, that’s exactly what makes it so special – it’s an old-fashioned blanket that will keep you warm at all times. Plus, its longevity is assured.

We love:

  • It’s made of cotton, making it softer and easier to wash than other options.
  • You can choose six different colors.
  • It’s an eco-friendly option.

To consider:

  • It is costly despite being a basic blanket.

Currently Available On “Amazon”

8. Grand Hotel – Woven Cotton Throw Blanket

Grand Hotel Woven Cotton Throw BlanketThis is another good option for those looking for something more affordable. This California king cotton blanked at less than $20 has everything you could ever ask in a blanket. It is soft, comfortable, and stylish. Thus, you can be sure that it will provide you with the utmost comfort while keeping your room as stylish as ever.

You have plenty of colors to choose from, starting from the basic white to other light color variations, like pearl, lemon, or ivory. It’s a knitted blanket, which will give your bedroom a more traditional aspect while you’re using it.

It’s also important to note that this is a 100% cotton blanket. Thus, you should be careful as with any other cotton piece while you’re machine washing it. You can trust that it will serve you for a long time – even if the price may make you think otherwise. This company has been selling cost-effective options to the public for a long time now.

This blanket has an acceptable quality. Thousands of users are satisfied with it, and you couldn’t ask for something better for under $20. If you’re a bit short on budget but still would like to add a bit of style and comfort to your bed, we recommend choosing this option over the rest.

We love:

  • It’s the most affordable option on the list.
  • It’s soft, comfortable and stylish.
  • You can choose multiple colors.

To consider:

  • It doesn’t have anything new to offer.

Currently Available On “Amazon”


How much does a California king bed set cost on average?
The cost of a California king blanket is often higher than that of other blankets. A decent blanket, on the other hand, may be found for as little as $45.
How often should you wash your blanket?
The frequency with which you should wash your blanket is totally dependent on how frequently you use it. You can easily get away with washing your blanket every few months if it is mostly unused and sits at the foot of your bed. However, if you sleep with your blanket every day, you should launder it every 1–2 weeks.
How often should you replace your blanket?
When it comes to purchasing and changing blankets, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A well-cared-for blanket can last for years, whereas a poorly-cared-for blanket may need to be replaced within months. If your blanket is soiled, matted, or otherwise untidy, consider changing it as soon as possible. There’s no need to replace your blanket if it’s still soft and functional.