Best California King Mattress Pad of 2022

ExceptionalSheets Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt
Best California King Mattress Pad of 2022

Cal King Mattress Pad For Your Bedroom

Why do I need it?

A deep and comfortable night’s sleep is priceless in today’s busy world. It helps you recover your energy and fulfill your goals when you wake up. The requirement is an appropriate sleeping environment. Only then, you can experience an enjoyable night’s sleep. For example, your bed must have a quality mattress. It can provide you a comfortable environment for your body. You will not experience pain and pressure if you have it.

Poor-quality mattresses cannot offer the most suitable sleeping environment, so it is necessary to avoid them. A California King mattress pad is also there to support your body further, and you can use it in combination with quality mattresses. That’s how you can get the maximum from your bed and your night’s sleep. Still, the market is truly huge, and you can find all kinds of products out there. They differ by many specifications, details, sizes, prices, and other important factors.

That’s why you have to carefully check each of them before the final decision. A California King mattress cover must be made of high quality and healthy materials. Your skin is in constant touch with the product while sleeping, so you have to avoid the risk of using inappropriate materials. Fortunately, there are many quality mattress pads on the market, and you can find one for yourself. The prices and sizes are different, of course. But you can choose accordingly to your needs.

Furthermore, this article is written with an intention to present you excellent California size mattress pads you will definitely enjoy using.

Microfiber mattress pads
Wool mattress pads
Cotton mattress pads
Other materials mattress pads

Quick Look

1.Linenspa Waterproof Mattress Pad with Stretch Skirt (California King)Linenspa Waterproof Mattress Pad
with Stretch Skirt
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)Check price
2.Denali Supreme Lambswool Mattress Pad (California King)Denali Supreme Lambswool Mattress Pad4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)Check price
3.Bedsure Mattress Pad California King Size4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)Check price
4.Editor's ChoiceExceptionalSheets Rayon
from Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt -
Extra Plush Cooling Topper
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)Check price
5.Editor's ChoiceLEISURE TOWN Cal King
Mattress Pad
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)Check price
6.TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover California King4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)Check price
7.HeatedBeautyrest 100% Cotton Heated
Mattress Pad
4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)Check price

What are the Benefits of A Mattress Pad?

There are several benefits of a mattress pad and here are a few of them:


  • Price

The cost of a genuine mattress pad is not a very big investment in terms of total comfort. If your mattress is just a few years, it is not the right time to get a new one. But, if you want to get the brand-new feel from your mattress, you can just cover it with a mattress pad on top. It is the best solution for a short-term period if you are not willing to invest in buying a new mattress


  • Reduction of allergens

By covering your old mattress with a mattress pad, you can protect yourself from so much bacteria like dust mites, lint, sweat, dander, soil, food, cosmetics and insect dirt. These bacteria would be otherwise inhaled by you. When you wake up and feel like hit by allergens, mattress pads let you remove that particular layer and wash it apart from changing your mattress entirely. In simple words, a well-washed mattress pad will keep you fresh for a longer time.

Premium memory foam


  • Comfort and support

A mattress pad, if designed properly, can provide an extra layer of comfort and support that you won’t get if you are sleeping on just the mattress. A mattress pad can cater to the needs of your body shape and provide you with extra support.


  • Retaining durability

A mattress pad can work as more of a defence mechanism in protecting your mattress. Indeed, a mattress pad can’t keep your mattress from aging naturally but it can slow down its aging so that you can seek comfort from your mattress for a longer period. As reported by several studies, the approximate life of a mattress is neatly 8-10 years and by converting it with a mattress pad, you can ensure its durability.

How to Choose A Mattress Pad?

You can find a wide range of mattress pads available in the market due to which it can be difficult for you to choose one for yourself. However, to make it easy for you, here are a few factors you can consider while buying a mattress pad:


  • Comfort & Softness

Comfort and softness are some of the free most essential factors you should consider while buying a mattress. If your topmost priorities are comfort level, softness, the shape of mattress catering to your body needs, you must choose memory foam mattress pads that are of low density.


  • Price

The mattress pad must be enough to satisfy your needs. Also, you must know that a high-priced mattress can’t assure that you get the best product for your requirements. You must choose the best mattress pad at a reasonable price.

Topper thickness

  • Density & thickness

Another important thing to consider is the thickness of the pad when you are planning to get a mattress pad for yourself. The thickness of the mattress pads should usually range between 2-8 inches. Options with thicker density are suitable for revitalizing a mattress that is in the aging process. Mostly, latex and memory foam is considered as best pads for thicker mattresses.


  • Pain relief and support

This is also a crucial factor to consider while looking for a mattress pad. If you want to mattress pad for these reasons, you must get one that is suitable for these needs.


  • Allergies

In case, you have an allergy you should always check out the material from which the mattress pad is made. Depending on your type of allergy you should choose the material of your mattress pad. You should also know that pads made from some specific materials offer better resistance to bed bugs, dust mites as well as mildew.


  • Body heat

If this is your primary thing to consider, you can opt for latex and memory foam mattresses that are most dense and thick. They are also good at retaining a greater amount of body heat to make you feel warm enough. Also, ensure that the mattress pad has a gel-infused element to cool. Pads made out of feather, down and wool is considered better because they can be effective all year round. They can work both ways, earner, by reducing the heat in the summer season or providing added warmth in the winters.


  • Warranty

The ideal warranty of a mattress pad ranges from 2-5 years.

Which Type of Mattress Pad Should I Choose?

To know which type of mattress you should choose, there are a few things to know such as the various types of mattress pads and the material from which they are made. A mattress material can be made from cotton, wool, latex, memory foam and other materials. You can choose the mattress pad as per your requirement. Let’s take a look at some of the main types of mattress pads available so that you can make a sound decision:


  • Wool mattress pads

Usually, wool mattress pads are thin and lightweight which is why they show a well-fit design with a skirt or straps to keep the pad in its place keeping away from sliding. There are many positive aspects of a wool mattress pad like superb thermoregulation, natural material, softness, and many more.


  • Dual-layer memory foam mattress pads

These are double layered mattress pads and they feature a base of memory foam with an added layer of padding which is detachable. These pads may not be very common but are very comfortable and have remarkable properties. They have several advantages like cooling, increasing the softness of your mattress, etc.


  • Natural down or feather mattress pads

Natural down mattress pads are also called featherbeds and are stiffed with the down of birds. Down, here refers to a layer made by soft feathers which remain concealed under tough outer feathers to keep the bird warm.


  • Latex mattress pads

Another popular option you should consider is latex mattress pads. These are very popular mattress pads made from latex material. They are environment-friendly and offer high breathability.


Mattress sizes

Best Cal King Microfiber Mattress Pad

1. Linenspa Waterproof Mattress Pad with Stretch Skirt

Linenspa Waterproof Mattress Pad with Stretch Skirt (California King)

High quality and comfortable mattress pads mean you can have a good night’s sleep. So, you deserve to have this Linenspa Waterproof Mattress Pad.

This mattress pad comes with a layer of hypoallergenic down alternative fill and a soft brushed microfiber cover to create a plush surface. It is diamond quilted to prevent clumping or shifting and to improve breathability.

With its quiet waterproof membrane, the entire mattress is protected against accidents and spills. Besides, you don’t have to worry about stains. Since it is designed with stretch skits, you will find a deep pocket design. Its durable elastic is responsible for creating a secure fit.

The Linenspa Waterproof Mattress Pad has a nice quality at a good price. It can fit over the pillow top with no issue. You can easily wash and dry it without shrinkage.

Low setting washing might result in a very small loose thread on one end.

We love:

  • 100% Liquid-proof to protect against spills, stains, or similar accidents
  • Offers breathable comfort
  • Has durable stretch skirt with deep pocket to secure fit
  • Comfortable brushed microfiber cover for a wrinkle-free finish
  • No clumping or shifting
  • Hypoallergenic and machine washable
  • Great quality at a reasonable price
  • The waterproof layer does not make any noise

Currently Available On “Overstock”

Best Cal King Wool Mattress Pad

2. Denali Supreme Lambswool Mattress Pad

Denali Supreme Lambswool Mattress Pad (California King)

Do you want to improve the quality of your sleep? If so, you can go for Denali Supreme Lambswool. Through its plush pile, it is effective in relieving pressure points.

This California king mattress cover is hypoallergenic, making it perfect for those who have allergies. It is a healthier option as it’s made of wool and polyester, not memory foam that can cause allergic reactions. Plus, the pad is not only durable, but also resistant to water, mold, mildew, and dust mites. In order to prevent slippage and provide a secure fit, it is designed with a wide elastic strap.

This mattress pad is designed to regulate body temperature by keeping you warm in winter or cool in summer. Compared to synthetic counterparts, this one breathes more naturally. It can quickly wick away any moisture without the feeling of coldness or wetness. You will be able to spend less time on turning and tossing.

We love:

  • Made of high-quality wool and polyester
  • Machine washable and hypoallergenic
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Has resistance to water, mold, mildew, and dust mites
  • Includes wide elastic straps
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Ideal for year-round comfort
  • Creates a plush surface
  • Offers relaxing, healthy sleep
  • Remains dry without feeling clammy or cool
  • Available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes

Currently Available On “Overstock”

Best Cal King Cotton/Bamboo Mattress Pads

3. Bedsure Mattress Pad California King Size

Bedsure Mattress Pad California King Size

The Bedsure California King Size Mattress Pad is one of the high-quality products which provide useful benefits to all users. It is the biggest size of this model, so it is suitable for really large two person mattresses. This pad is available in two different colors. You can buy a grey or white one according to your needs. The pad will help you get maximum comfort from your bed. If your mattress has some flaws, and you want to improve your overall sleeping experience, then this item is a nice solution for you.

The pad will add a new level of comfort, no matter what model of mattress you use. It is also suitable as a protector for your mattress, so hygiene will also be supported by the usage of this product. The Bedsure Mattress Pad serves as a cover too, and all the dirt will be blocked on its surface. As you most likely know, it is quite hard to wash an entire mattress, and you may have to contact a specialized firm that provides such services. That’s where this pad fits ideally. It lays on top of the mattress, and you can wash it in your washing machine whenever you want. You can complete the entire procedure at home, and that is not possible with a big mattress.

The materials of this product are completely washable without any issues. So, you can clean it often without worries that something bad might happen with the product. The look and shape will stay the same. You just have to wait to dry totally after the cleaning, and that’s it. The product is not heavy, so you can handle it with ease. Big mattresses are, on the other hand, quite heavy so the biggest difficulty might removing it from the mattress. Some are over 100 pounds, so the weaker people typically ask for help when it comes to removing and handling the item.

The pad also protects your mattress from wear and tear. Constant contact with materials might create different damages on the product, but you can replace the pad more easily. The prices for pads are generally lower, so you will reduce the overall cost of your sleeping comfort. It is better to buy a new pad than a new mattress. There is no set-up procedure and pads are lightweight in comparison with mattresses. These are some reasons why you should definitely use a pad, especially if you have a new, high quality mattress. You will further improve your enjoyment while increasing the level of protection at the same time.


Hypoallergenic Materials

This product is developed with hypoallergenic materials that reduce and eliminate bacteria. The possibility of allergies is significantly lower with this item. That’s really useful for people with sensitive skin types. Kids and elders can use the product without worries. It cannot create acne or any similar skin problems. However, you have to clean it regularly. The action will eliminate a chance that anything similar might happen. This product provides a healthy place where you can enjoy and experience a deep night’s sleep without any risks.


Breathable Product

The materials are breathable, so the pad has a chance to keep the cool temperature even during hot nights. That’s particularly beneficial in summer when the atmosphere in your bed could otherwise become unpleasant – the sweating is typically increased, and you might have a hard time sleeping in a comfortable way without a pad. It is particularly true if your place of living does not have an air conditioning system. Thanks to the advanced design, the mattress allows normal airflow without any blockades. And you have the opportunity to avoid some of the problems caused by inappropriate temperatures.

Soft Surface

The materials used for the production of this item are also soft and pleasant for the user’s skin. There is nothing rough, hard, or harsh that might have a chance to harm your body. On the contrary, you can enjoy this quality product in the best possible way. It is a real pleasure to use the item and flexible materials are indeed skin supportive.


Full Comfort – No Noise and Motion

California King mattress

The pad also reduces and even eliminates noise and motion in various cases. The California size product is intended for two persons who might have different schedules. But they will not interfere with each other thanks to this feature. You will hardly hear or feel your partner even if coming to bed after you. That’s how you can keep a deep night’s sleep all the time and there is no noise to wake you up.

It is possible to use this California King mattress pad in any position you want, and the results will stay the same. The weight of users also does not affect the ability of this product to provide an enjoyable and comfortable sleeping environment for you. You can sleep on it however you want, and there will be no issues with the item. The shape stays the same all the time. The only requirement is to be properly placed on the mattress, and you will enjoy all the benefits.

Microfiber polyester is the main material used for the production of this product. It provides durability to the pad, so you can count on this item in the long run too. If you clean the product regularly and use it in an appropriate way, you should not expect any trouble with the materials.


Lightweight Mattress Pad

The product is really lightweight. The California size pad weighs approximately 4 pounds, and that’s a great difference when you compare it with mattresses of the same sizes. They can stand at 110 or 120 pounds, sometimes even more. However, 4 pounds is a small figure for anyone, and it is a clear advantage of this product.

Where to Buy

Soft mattress pad

Sometimes, you might have a problem to locate the desired product in any of the nearby stores. That might happen because of many reasons. The product might not be available in your country, or you just cannot find it in your area. In that case, you can use the Internet as the main resource for all kinds of information and support with your purchase.

There are specialized online stores with a great offer, so you can find a long list of all kinds of pads online. They typically ship the product to your home address after the purchase. You do not have to search for it anywhere else. You can also visit popular online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. The platforms have a great number of sellers, so you have a chance to find anything you could imagine.

The prices are also lower, and you have a chance to save some money if you choose to purchase this way. Typically, sellers provide worldwide shipping opportunities that allow you to buy a product from any location in this world. It will arrive at your home address after the purchase in a short time frame, usually a weak or two. Still, you cannot try and inspect the product before purchasing it. That’s an obvious drawback of online shopping, everything else is just fine.

This pad is quite popular in these online marketplaces. It has maintained a truly high rating based on thousands of reviews. On Amazon, the rating goes over 4.5 stars, which is a remarkable success. The reviews are almost completely positive, and they signify the quality of the item.

We love:

  • Cheap
  • Soft & cozy
  • Deep pocket
  • Stays in place
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable

Currently Available On “Amazon”

Editor’s Choice4. ExceptionalSheets Rayon from Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt – Extra Plush Cooling Topper

ExceptionalSheets Rayon from Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt - Extra Plush Cooling Topper

This is also a California King size mattress pad made of quality hypoallergenic materials that protect the user’s skin from harmful bacteria. That’s why this item is great for all categories of customers, even elders, kids, and buyers with sensitive skin types. There are no chances of acne or other related problems, so they can use the California king pillow top mattress pad without worries.

The item is made of soft polyester that provides full comfort in bed. It is a totally enjoyable user experience that helps you reach a deep night’s sleep in the most convenient way. This material is also breathable, and it keeps a cool temperature during hot, summer nights. That period can be a truly painful experience; however, this mattress pad is here to support your body when that happens.

Pillow top mattress pad is created of fully washable materials. You can clean it in your washing machine without any problems. The mattress pad will be fully usable again after drying.

The mattress pad is provided together with a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the item, you can claim a refund within the provided time frame. The sellers and manufacturers are obligated to send your money back without any questions. You have to be 100% satisfied, otherwise, you will be fully refunded.

We love:

  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Extra plush
  • Reduces pressure
  • Helps keep you cool

To consider:

  • A bit expensive but worth every cent

Currently Available On “Amazon”

Editor’s Choice5. LEISURE TOWN Cal King Mattress Pad

LEISURE TOWN Cal King Mattress Pad

The LEISURE TOWN Cal King Mattress Pad is also an excellent product with interesting features. It is fully breathable and will keep your body cool even during hot nights. You do not have to worry about sweating because this item will protect you from that. The mattress pad is completely washable, and you can do that in a washing machine at your home. It cannot harm the materials and the mattress will not lose any of the features.

You can clean it regularly in that way. The pad will be like new after drying. The item is made of quality materials, and anyone can use it without worries – including kids, elders, and people with sensitive skin. Its soft and healthy surface is beneficial to the users, and there is nothing bad or harmful there.

The product is offered with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you find it unsuitable or there are some flaws, you can return it to the seller. The refund will be sent to you making the purchase a risk-free transaction.

LEISURE TOWN Cal King Mattress Pad is available on Amazon, where you can complete the purchase in a convenient way. There are thousands of positive reviews giving this product a high-rating. That’s why it is one of Amazon’s choices on the website.

We love:

  • Machine washable
  • Can change a “firm” mattress into a much softer one
  • Perfect choice for your overheated foam mattress topper or mattress
  • Snow Down Alternative Fill
  • Provide some cooling relief
  • Looks elegant

Currently Available On “Amazon”

6. TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover California King

TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover California King

This product is made of high-quality cotton that provides maximal comfort thanks to the softness of the material. With this product, you can definitely enjoy your night’s sleep. It is completely breathable, so the comfort does not disappear during hot summer nights. The item keeps a cool temperature, so you can sleep with ease regardless of the weather conditions.

TEXARTIST Mattress Pad is made of fully washable materials, and you can clean it regularly. The washing will not affect the quality and features of this product, so you do not have to worry about that. You can clean it in a washing machine because such a procedure is allowed.

This is clearly a quality product; however, it also has a truly appealing price compared to other items from the same category. It is almost half as expensive as its counterparts, so you will definitely save your money if you choose to buy this one.

Amazon is a great online marketplace where you can complete the purchase. The sellers provide various sizes of this model including California King size. This model has a lot of positive reviews on the site which testify the product’s quality.

We love:

  • Breathable
  • Ultra Soft and Supportive
  • Skin friendly
  • Deep Pockets hold mattress tightly
  • Machine washable

Currently Available On “Amazon”

Heated7. Beautyrest 100% Cotton Heated Mattress Pad

Beautyrest 100% Cotton Heated Mattress PadSleeping plays such a significant role in influencing our wellbeing, from our mood to our health, our productivity within a day, and just everyday life in general. Having a quality bed that leads to quality sleep is equally vital as getting the time to sleep in the first place. Fortunately, the California king heated mattress pad offers exactly that; a guaranteed quality sleep thanks to its warm and soft surface to lay on, perfect for getting that beauty rest you’ve been longing for.

The mattress pad comes with a dual temperature, electric-controlled bed warmer that allows you to pre-heat your bed for your comfort, making sure that it’s snuggly warm before crawling into the covers for a night of sound sleep, that will all the while soothe those aches and pains away overnight. Designed to provide optimal therapeutic relief, you’ll also find wonderful comfort in its 100% natural cotton fabric, that is both breathable and accommodating to the skin; thereby making this heated mattress pad the ultimate sweet deal.

We love:

  • Breathable comfort to your skin
  • Elastic bands for a secure fit and avoid shifting
  • Resists static electricity build-up
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Distributes warmth evenly for maximum relaxation
  • Excellent quality mattress pad at a reasonable price

Currently Available On “Amazon”


What is the price of a California King mattress pad?
California king mattress pads are sometimes more expensive than other types of pads. A nice pad, on the other hand, may be purchased for as little as $35.
What Is the Comparison Between a Mattress Pad, a Mattress Topper, and a Mattress Protector?
Each of these goods satisfies a distinct basic need. If you want the best protection from spills and allergies, a mattress protector is the way to go. A mattress topper can help you get the most out of the changes you make to the feel of your mattress. A mattress pad is an intriguing option if you want something in the middle that preserves the mattress while somewhat changing its feel. 
How Does a Mattress Pad Fit on a Bed?
To adhere to and stay in position on the bed, almost all mattress pads rely on elastic. At other cases, a mattress pad may not have a skirt or side panels, instead relying on elastic straps in each corner to go beneath the mattress and maintain the pad in place. This sort of pad is prone to shifting and must be reattached.  
Can Mattress Pads Change the Firmness of My Mattress?
Most mattress pads have little influence on the hardness of a bed, but others, especially thicker ones made of soft materials like down feathers, can make a bed appear plusher. People who want to substantially change the feel of their bed should use a mattress topper rather than a mattress pad.