How To Fluff A Pillow?

How To Fluff A Pillow
How To Fluff A Pillow?

How To Fluff A Pillow? Learn The Different Ways

Who doesn’t love to sleep on a soft and fluffy pillow? Surely, we all do. But over time, our pillows lose their magical touch. They become flat and boring.

No matter, how expensive your pillow is, there will come a time when it will become flat. But instead of replacing it the straight way, you can fluff it up using some simple tricks.

There is more than one way to fluff your pillow.

The good news is you don’t have to put in much effort to make your pillows like new. By fluffing your pillows, you can make them comfortable and enjoy your sleep time.

If you want to know how to fluff a pillow, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will tell you different ways of fluffing a pillow. So without wasting much time, let’s get into the details.

Different Ways To Fluff A Pillow

A good night’s sleep is essential for everyone. But the quality of your sleep is affected by your pillow and mattress you sleep on. That said, no one likes to sleep on a flat and lumpy pillow. Instead of buying new pillows often, you can fluff your old pillows. All you need to know is how to make pillows fluffy again.

We have some of the best ways to make pillows fluffy. Go through the details and you will know what to do.


    1. Manually

Fluffing your pillows manually or by hand is possibly the best way to fluff pillowsFor this method, all you need is your hands.


Now the question is how do you fluff your pillows by hands? Just follow the steps given below and you will see the results right before your eyes.

  • Lay down the pillow and grab it on the shorter sides.
  • Lift it, and compress and decompress it. You need to do this for at least 30 seconds or more.
  • Once you are done, flip the pillow and grab it on the longer sides and repeat the same steps. You need to keep doing it for 30 seconds.
  • To get the best results to punch, smack and knead your pillow. This will help you to break up the lumps inside. Not just that, but it also promotes better airflow and thus, improves the overall fluffiness of the pillow.
By the end of the process, your pillow should be a bit thicker. Many people take the longer route and remove all the filling from the pillowcases and break up the materials nicely with their hands. After that, they refill it with the same filling. This allows the filling to expand and make the pillow fluffy. For those who wanted to know how to fluff a polyester pillow, you have your answer. It works wonders for polyester pillows as well as pillows containing wool, cotton, or feather.


In case, the fluff dies down in just a few seconds, you should try the next method.

Washing machine dryer

    2. In the dryer

The next best method you can try is using a washing machine dryer. This is an effective method of fluffing a pillow. Unlike the previous method, the fluff won’t die down immediately. This is an easy method and all you need is a dryer.


Here is what you need to do:

  • Before you decide to put your pillow in the dryer make sure you read the tag. It is important to know whether it is safe to put it in the dryer. Down pillows can be put into the dryer but on specific low heat. If you put it on high heat, it might burn the pillow. So you need to be careful not to make such a mess.
  • Now put the pillow in the dryer and follow the instructions as given by the manufacturer.
  • Along with the pillow, you need to add an agitator. In this case, you can use a tennis ball. But make sure to put it inside a tube sock before putting it in the dryer. Other stuff you can use include stuffed animals, tied-up clothes, or anything else of the same size. But it should be safe to place in the dryer.
  • The tennis ball will pound the pillow nicely in the dryer. This will break up the materials inside and allow better airflow.
  • To get the best results, you might have to dry the pillow more than once.


Many of you would assume that you have to wash the pillow before drying it. But that’s not needed. When fluffing a pillow in a dryer, you can simply put it in a dry pillow. In case, you decide to wash your pillow make sure that it is completely dry before putting it in the dryer. That’s because a damp pillow will easily get compressed, which may lead to a bad mouldy odour.


    3. Give your pillows some fresh air

Another way of re-fluffing your pillow is to place it outside in the fresh air. Many of you may not be familiar with this method, but it is an effective way of fluffing pillows.

Once you have fluffed your pillow manually, just place it outside under the sun for a few hours. Just make sure that it is not raining.

The fresh air and sun rays will help break up the materials inside the pillow. However, this method is not effective in removing odours. But it will at least make your pillow fluffy, which will last for a long time.

Fluffy pillow

Why should you fluff your pillows?

We all need a good night’s sleep to be productive in the morning. As mentioned before, the quality of our sleep is affected by the quality of pillows and mattresses we use.

Using the right pillow makes an important part of our good sleep health. The pillow you use for sleeping should have the right loft, height, and firmness. In other words, it should be perfect for your ideal sleeping position. This will help release any pressure on your neck, head, and spine.

When you sleep on a nice and comfortable pillow, you sleep well. As a result, you wake up fresh the next morning. But when you use a poor-quality pillow, you wake up with stiffness, pain, and aches.

No matter, what pillow you buy, it will get compressed or flat over time. Understand, pillows are used every night. So you shouldn’t be shocked if one day you notice your expensive pillow appear flattened.

If you don’t want to compromise on your sleeping quality, you should fluff your pillow to make it more comfortable to sleep on. If you ignore the state of your pillow, it can give you a poor angle in your neck and head. Not just that, but you can also experience spinal alignment issues. The firmness and feel also change as your pillow compresses. Therefore, you have all the right reasons to fluff your pillow. You can try the mentioned methods to re-fluff your pillow without much struggle.

Extra Tips To Follow

 Here are some extra tips to follow, while fluffing pillows:

  • Before putting your pillow in the dryer, read the pillow’s care instructions carefully.
  • When fluffing your pillow in the dryer, you should set it on low heat. Putting the dryer on a higher heat setting could potentially damage or burn the pillow.
  • You should fluff your pillow every day in the morning after getting up. Just use your hands to fluff it and that should keep it in a good state.
  • If your pillow comes rolled up or compressed in packaging, leave it outside in a well-ventilated space. You need to give it time to expand.
  • When you buy new pillows, it has a chemical-like smell. It should go away over time, but keeping your pillow out in the fresh air can be helpful. It will not only remove the chemical-like smell but also keep your pillow fluffy.
  • It’s better not to wash your pillow before fluffing it in the dryer. Even if you do make sure that pillow is completely dry.

When should you buy a new pillow?

Let’s face it, there will come a day when you will have to buy a new pillow and replace the old one. The day you notice that none of the above methods are working, that is the day you should buy a new pillow.

When all the methods fail, you know that the life of your pillow filling has ended. At this point, you will notice balls and dents in your pillow.

Squeeze your pillows from both sides with full pressure and see whether it returns to its normal position. If it doesn’t, you know you need to buy a new pillow.

Fluffy pillows are everyone’s favourite. Instead of throwing out your pillows every two to three months, you can make them fluffy by following the methods mentioned in the guide. These are all effective methods that will help you fluff your pillow and make it comfortable to sleep on. Now that you know how to re fluff pillows, it should be easier for you to do it.


Is it necessary for me to wash my pillow?
Most pillows can be machine washed, but it’s always a good idea to check the care label first. Some down and feather pillows, for example, cannot be machine washed. Some pillows, such as memory foam models, only have machine-washable coverings.
When should you get rid of your pillows?
Pillows should be replaced every 1 to 2 years in general.
Even with appropriate care, all pillows ultimately flatten and lose their ability to support your head and neck.