Getting urine out of mattress. How to?

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Getting urine out of mattress. How to?

How to Clean Urine out of a Mattress?

The urine stains might seem quite unglamorous but, everyone has dealt with a situation of this sort in their lives. It could be from the family member, pet, yourself, or a child. Accidents do happen and there is nothing to agonize about. With children around, it is impossible to avoid such a situation. Hence, the best recommendation as is generally given will be to clean the stain as soon as possible. The urine of both animals and humans is made of crystals of uric acid. To clean this uric acid along with the odor as well as bacteria will require you to clean this by using the cleaning solution.

Leaving this unpleasant odor will lead to the growth of mold and the permanent stain of the urine. However, you can remove this bad odor by using merely household items. You need not have to purchase some big expensive products to clean this up. Let us understand how to clean urine out of a mattress in the following section. The post below will provide you details of not just the process of cleaning this stain and odor but also will provide some tips to take proper care of your mattress.

How to clean the urine stain from your mattress?

The process of cleaning the urine stain is completely unproblematic and effortless. You need to merely take quick action when something like this occurs. To start with the process of urine cleaning you need to have a few of the ingredients. So, you should keep these ingredients beforehand when you have a child, pet, or someone facing urinary incontinence at your place.

The ingredients include Baking soda, Vacuum, Spray bottle, Dry towel, Water, and Washing powder.

These are a few of the ingredients required for the process. Now let us understand what you need to do to clean the urine stain on your mattress.

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  • Strip your bed to avoid spreading the urine much deeper in your mattress. You can use a dry towel to blot the excess urine on your mattress. This will prevent it from getting spread.
  • Once you have bloated the excess urine from the mattress, you can now add the baking soda to the affected area. This baking soda will absorb the moisture left on the mattress.
  • The next step will be to prepare a solution by mixing the washing powder with water. You can also add vinegar if you are comfortable with the smell of vinegar. This solution then needs to be sprayed on the affected area on the mattress.
  • After this, you will have to leave the area undisturbed for around ten to fifteen minutes approximately. This will help you remove the odor of the urine.
  • Now, the process followed above has to be repeated to ensure proper cleaning of your mattress. Hence, you have to use the towel to blot any moisture left on the mattress.
  • You can then spray the solution you prepared throughout the mattress. This will clean the entire mattress and completely remove the unpleasant aroma.
  • The final step will be to vacuum the mattress to remove the entire moisture from it. You need to leave it undisturbed for around 16-20 hours straight.


This was the basic step that will help you clean your mattress instantly without any delay. If you have any stain remover with you, then always follow the guidelines stated by that brand. However, the process mentioned above is the easiest and the most convenient method as the ingredients required are readily available at your place throughout. Let us proceed to the next section to know how you can avoid such a situation to happen.

How to avoid urine accidents to reach your mattress?

Getting urine out of a mattress can be troublesome and hence you might be interested to know the ways you can avoid urine accidents happening in the first place. You can avoid such a situation happening by following a few of the tips that we have for you. Some of these tips have been highlighted for your reference so that you can save yourself from the troublesome process.


  • Try to avoid drinking water right before bed: Always drink the water an hour before you go to bed so that you do not have to pee. Drinking right before bed will lead to urine accidents.
  • Take medicines: If you are having serious issues like urine incontinence then, it is strongly suggested to take medicines under the supervision of an expert.
  • Use a bed-wetting alarm: You can also use an alarm to know if your bed has been stained with urine so that you can immediately clean it with the stain and odor remover.
  • Bladder retraining: You can try to train your bladder to hold more fluid. This can be done by setting the time of bathroom visits and then gradually increasing the gap between the visits to increase the capacity of your bladder.


These were a few of the ways through which you can avoid urine accidents to happen and hence you will not be required to clean the mattress. Always ensure to follow the above pouts to avoid such cases. But, if this ever happens then, you will have to know how to get rid of the urine smell on your mattress. The next section will be providing insights about the same.

How to get rid of the urine smell on your mattress?

As you know the process to get urine out of a mattress, you might be wondering if that can also help you remove the unpleasant smell. If you have also sprayed a room freshener or perfume on this stained area then, know that it will be a temporary solution. The smell will not be removed permanently. Hence, the freshener is not the best solution to your problem. If you desire to remove the stain along with the bad odor then, you need to do something beyond perfume and freshener.


You can use the solution stated above to remove not just the stain but also the odor. All you have to do is to repeat doing the steps and use the towel to absorb the moisture to completely remove the odor and stain. So, if you follow the method, you will be able to remove the smell not just temporarily but permanently. Let us now move on to the next section to learn a few of the tips to take care of your mattress.

Tips to take care of your mattress

Well, your mattress might be in good condition. But, for how long will it stay in that condition if you do not maintain it? So, you must take proper care of your mattress by following the tips mentioned below in the section. These are some common ways through which you can extend the life of your mattress. By maintaining the mattress you can double the life of the mattress as the durability depend largely on how you keep it.


  • Use mattress protector

At the outset, you can use a mattress protector to protect your mattress from stains. You will not have to worry about your mattress if you have a mattress protector on it. The mattress protector will help you prevent cases of cleaning your mattress due to odor smell.


  • Rotate it regularly

Additionally, you can also rotate the mattress daily to avoid the cases where the shape of your mattress changes due to the consistent position. Rotating the mattress daily will help you maintain it for a longer duration.


  • Wash the linen once a weekkids jump over the mattress

Moreover, the linen you are using over your mattress should be cleaned at least once a week. This will provide you with a comforting sleep every day. It is generally recommended also by the experts to have a clean surrounding around you live to feel great. Read how to clean it.


  • Avoid jumping the bed

At long last, you need to avoid jumping on your mattress every day. It may not have a direct impact on the mattress but will gradually start shrinking or contracting. So, if you so desire to jump then, you can do so on the surface and not on the mattress if you are interested to extend the durability of your mattress.


These were a few of the tips that you can follow to avoid your mattress becoming too old. If you want your mattress to be durable then, you also have to put effort to maintain it in such a condition. Without the proper maintenance, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of your mattress.


Urine inconsistency is one of the most common disorders that people might be facing particularly in the older generation and the children. So, you must take care of your mattress and avoid urine accidents to happen. This is primarily because the cleaning of the urine stains and odor might be tiresome and hence it is ideal to prevent such accidents on the first part.


How do you fully clean a mattress?
I propose using baking soda and a cleaning solution made from dish soap, water, and hydrogen peroxide to deep clean a mattress. Coat the entire mattress in baking soda and cleaning solution, then allow it to set for at least 8 hours!
Is there a way to clean a mattress?
To remove stubborn stains from the surface of your mattress, use an upholstery wash, but check the contents to make sure it’s non-toxic and safe for your body.
How often should you clean your mattress?
It is advised that you clean your mattress twice a year, or once a season. Naturally, if you spill something on your mattress, you should clean it as soon as possible to avoid the stain from setting in.
Is it a good idea to vacuum your mattress?
Absolutely! In fact, cleaning the surface of your mattress once a month is a fantastic way to decrease the collection of dust mites, pet dander, and germs.
What Are the Causes of Yellow Mattress Stains?
The most common causes of yellow stains on a mattress include urine, sweat, food preservatives, and other human fluids. Mattresses naturally become stained over time. To remove sweat and urine stains from a mattress, first clean the area (do not scrub! ), then spray the stain with a vinegar solution and soak it for at least 10-15 minutes. After the stain has been wet, cover it with baking soda and leave it for 8-10 hours. Last but not least, remove the dry baking soda with a vacuum.