How to Attach a Headboard and Footboard to a Metal Bed Frame?

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How to Attach a Headboard and Footboard to a Metal Bed Frame?

How to Attach a Headboard and Footboard to a Metal Bed Frame?

Moving and assembling bedroom furniture has become much easier nowadays. Prefab furnishings and furniture kits make it quite simple to assemble new and old furniture. Most homeowners seek beds equipped with headboards and footboards to feel safer and more comfortable. Unfortunately, many beds are not equipped with these features and you have to attach them later. 

Do you know how to attach a headboard and footboard to a metal bed frame? A regular user expects to get these things pre-equipped in the bed. Therefore, most homeowners have no idea about such things. Continue reading and you will learn the right way to attach a headboard and footboard to a metal bed frame. 

What is a headboard?

Headboards were mainly designed to create a barrier between the bed’s edge and the wall. They were originally intended to keep the sleeper’s head from getting too cold. Since houses were not insulated in the past, this type of feature was quite essential for users. Essentially, headboards were used as a shield against cold. 

Modern homeowners use headboards mainly to customize the bedroom. Today’s users do not protect against cold because modern homes are well-insulated. Heaters prevent the bedroom from getting too cold in winters and thus headboards are used more as an aesthetic item. 

Besides, you get additional head protection. It won’t hurt if there is no pillow and you bump your head against the wall. The headboard will provide a cushioned surface to keep you safe. The bedroom may look poorly decorated if there is no headboard attached to your bed. That’s why most homeowners choose beds equipped with a headboard. 

What is a footboard?

A footboard is attached to make the bed look more stylish and prevent the bedding from going down. Most homeowners choose footboard matching to the headboard because it improves the overall charm of the bed.  

Most beds nowadays have a low footboard because it is minimalistic and still functional. The clean and perfectly lined look makes minimalistic footboards quite stylish in contemporary bedrooms. Besides, you will find it quite convenient to make the bed if there is a footboard attached to your bed’s frame. 

The bed looks clean, bedding stays in place, and you get additional support at the bottom of the bed. That’s why there must be a footboard attached to your bed. How to attach a footboard to a metal bed frame if it isn’t there? Is it even possible to attach a footboard to the bed? Yes, it is possible and we have explained to attach the footboard to the bed. 

How to attach the headboard to the metal bed frame?

Follow the below-given steps to attach the headboard to your bed frame:

Step 1:

Get the bed in the middle of your bedroom and set the headboard against the wall. Now, you have to place the bed rail at a 90° angle to the headboard. Make sure the rails are set on your bed’s right side. 

The bed rail’s horizontal side should be inward and the vertical side should be outside of the bed. The middle rail should be parallel to the headboard and it should be placed about halfway between the footboard and headboard. 

Step 2:

First, you have to fasten the middle rail to both sides. Pick and lift the locking latch and then slowly slide the flanges into the given slots. Now, gently pull sideways towards the center rail so that you can lock it into the given slots. 

Secure the middle rail by lowering the locking mechanism. Follow the same process when fitting the other side of the center rail. 

Step 3:

Hopefully, you have placed the headboard in the standing position. Gently pick up a side of the rails and then slide its end into the given slot. Now, lower the lifted section of the headboard and push the rail towards the pin so that it can lock perfectly. 

Now, lift the other side of the rails and fix the other side of the headboard into its position. Secure it and your headboard is all set. 

You should make sure that all the parts of the headboard and rails are attached perfectly. Fasten screws more tightly if the headboard is loosely attached to the bed. It should not move otherwise it will fall after some months. 

How to attach the footboard to the metal frame?

Since most metal beds do not come with side brackets for the footboard, it can be a little daunting to attach the footboard. If there are side brackets on your bed, you can easily fix the footboard to the intended position. 

Suppose there are no brackets, you will have to attach side brackets to attach the footboard.

You will find two types’ side brackets to attach to the bed frame, which are hook-on and bolt-on brackets.

These two types’ metal frame brackets are quite famous for equipping a bed with a footboard. The method of attaching a footboard to both types’ brackets is given below:


  • Bolt-on bracket method:

Bolt-on brackets come with slot-shaped holes. Carefully follow the below-given steps to attach the bolt-on footboard:

Step 1:

Create some free space around your bed so that you can easily move and use tools. Now, remove the mattress along with all the bedding. Clean the dust with a vac to begin the footboard installation process.  

Step 2:

Keep the footboard in the standing position next to the bed. Now, carefully align the bottom holes to the footboard’s legs with the slots given on your bed frame brackets. 

Step 3:

Ask another person to hold the footboard in the right position and then insert bolts through brackets and holes. Use a fastening tool to fasten bolts. Make sure the footboard is attached tightly so that it won’t move with a minor shock.

Always use a washer with the nut to get the perfect fitting. It will protect the bracket and prevent damage to the attached structure.   

Step 4:

Check all sides’ brackets and attach them to both legs of the footboard. Use high-quality nuts, bolts, and washers to ensure the footboard is fixed firmly.  

Step 5:

Now, you have to assess the footboard’s position. It should be perfectly centered and you have to fix the position if it doesn’t look attached at the right position. 

Step 6:

Now, use the pliers to tighten all the nuts and bolts. The footboard is attached to your bed and it won’t shake or move. 


  • Hook-on Bracket Method:

Some brackets come with hooks on them. You have to follow a slightly different process to attach the footboard with such brackets. The method is as follows:

Step 1:

Create free space around your bed. Make sure two people can easily work around it and then remove the mattress. Now, place the footboard next to the foot side of your bed frame. 

Step 2:

Lift off the footboard and place one of the hooks of the footboard inside the bed frame bracket. Place the other hook into the other side’s bracket of the bed frame. 

Step 3:

Now, gently push the footboard down to fix it on the bed frame. Try to move the footboard to check whether it is fixed firmly or not. If now, then you have to remove and re-attach the footboard to ensure it is perfectly attached to the bed frame. 

The footboard is attached to the bed frame and now you can set the mattress and set the bed in its intended position. 

What type of headboard is perfect for your bed?

You get the following options in headboards:


  • Wooden headboard:

Wooden headboards are used for many centuries to create a barrier between the user’s head and the cold wall. Since homes have become more comfortable, this type’s headboards are used mainly for decorative purposes.

You can easily find wooden headboards to attach to a metal bed frame. Check its attaching mechanism before placing the order. Thus, you will get a flawlessly crafted wooden headboard for your metal frame bed. 


  • Metal headboards:

Metal headboards were quite famous during the Victorian era. These are not quite popular nowadays, but you can still find one to create a vintage look. You will discover several amazing patterns and colors in metal headboards. Thus, it will be quite easy to pick a stylish headboard for your bed. 


  • Upholstered headboard:

If you are looking for a luxurious and comforting headboard, check the latest designs in upholstered headboards. Both wooden and metal frame beds come with such headboards. You can also buy it separately to attach a cushioned headboard for the bed. 

Some other styles in headboards include free-standing, wall-mounted, and bed frame-mounted headboards. Assess all the different types of headboards to pick a perfect one for your bedroom. 


Is It Possible to Attach a Headboard to Any Bed Frame?
There is always a way to attach a headboard to your bed frame, no matter what type it is.

Any bed frame may be fitted with a headboard. A vast range of headboards are available to accommodate any bed frame, including wooden or metal frames.

What Is the Best Way to Attach a Headboard to a Box Spring?
It might be difficult to attach a headboard to a box spring. The wooden portions of box springs are normally hidden under fabric, so you can’t see them. A conventional box spring’s wooden parts are also not as robust and lasting as a wooden bed frame. As a result, mounting a headboard to a box spring may be difficult.

A headboard should not be attached to a box spring since it will cause harm to the box spring. Instead, utilize a free-standing or wall-mounted unit.

Should a headboard be placed on top of the mattress?
No, the bottom edge of the headboard should be buried behind the mattress as a general rule. The majority of headboards are 3 to 4 inches lower than the mattress. When you sit up in bed, they give correct back support in this manner.
Is it possible to mount any headboard on the wall?
Yes, any headboard may be mounted on the wall, however, you will need to purchase mounting hardware. French cleats, which can be purchased at any hardware shop, are ideal for installing heavy furniture such as headboards and cupboards. Locate studs behind your walls using a stud finder and fasten the French cleats to them. The headboard is then drilled with cleat plates (supplied with French cleats for interlocking) and mounted to the wall.

Final thoughts

You have learned how to attach a footboard to a metal bed frame and how to attach the headboard conveniently. The process will get quite difficult if you are alone. So, you will need one more person to lift the bed frame and attach the headboard and footboard. 

Follow the suggested methods and make sure both headboard and footboard are fixed properly. You will have to remove and re-attach the headboard and footboard if they are moving or shaking. So, follow each step carefully!