How to Wash Purple Sheets to Maintain Them for a Long Time?

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How to Wash Purple Sheets to Maintain Them for a Long Time?

How to Wash Purple Sheets?

Many homeowners prefer Purple Sheets to cover their comfy mattresses because these are super soft. Purple Sheet material makes you feel quite comfortable and helps you in sleeping much longer. So, how to wash purple sheets to maintain them for several years?

Manufacturers may use different materials to produce this kind of bed sheet. It becomes your responsibility to keep the sheet clean and intact to ensure it offers a long service. Poor maintenance can reduce the lifespan of the bed sheet. It can also cause health issues. 

 Can you wash these sheets like any ordinary bed sheet? Continue reading to learn several important facts about cleaning and maintaining purple sheets. 

Washing the purple sheet

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It might be your first experience with the soft and stretchy purple sheets. Since you have no prior experience of washing purple sheets, you may wonder how to proceed. Is it easy to clean this sheet or do you need to follow any special procedure?

Do not think a lot because purple sheets are made of high-quality material. They are quite simple to clean and handle. Top-quality materials provide these sheets additional strength to maintain their natural charm. 

It doesn’t matter how you clean the sheet, the fabric will remain smooth and stretchy.

Therefore, you should not think a lot about cleaning these bed sheets.

Just follow the below-given Purple Sheets washing instructions to keep your bed sheet clean all the time. 


  • Prepare your load washer:

Washing machines make it super easy to clean clothes. However, you need to set the right settings to ensure the machine won’t go harsh on clothes put in it. Set your load washer on a gentle cycle and the temperature should be low to clean Purple Sheets. 

The brand suggests users use cold or lukewarm water for cleaning the bed sheet. Therefore, you should not let the water temperature go above 30°C. You can also lower the water temperature if there are no tough stains on the bed sheet. 

Keeping water temperature low is quite essential to increase the lifespan of the fabric. Therefore, we recommend washing purple sheets in cold or lukewarm water


  • Do not wash the Purple Sheet alone!

Experts recommend avoiding washing more than one bed sheet at a time. It can cause pilling or abrasion of the fabric by zippers and hooks. Choose different days to wash each sheet separately. 

You can put the towel, pillowcases, or a thin blanket in the load washer. Thus, your purple sheet won’t get damaged during the washing process. Besides, the bed sheet will get cleaned properly with other clothes. 


  • Using chemicals:

Avoid filling the washing machine with a harsh detergent because it can damage purple sheet fabric. A mild liquid detergent is perfect to clean bed sheets. You can also try a high-quality powder if it dissolves quickly. Avoid washing powders that do not dissolve easily because they can affect the quality of the fabric. 

You should strictly avoid bleach to clean your purple sheet. Since it is a harsh and toxic chemical, it will damage the elasticity of your Purple Sheets. These bed sheets are popular to prevent mildew buildup and bacteria. Therefore, it is unnecessary to use bleach to clean the bed sheet. 


  • Cleaning tough stains:

It will be a little tough to clean your Purple Sheet if there are tough stains. You may think about using harsh chemicals to get rid of those stains, but do not proceed. Try a laundry stain remover because it will do the job. 

You should pre-soak the Purple Sheet in the laundry stain remover for a while and then put it in the load washer for cleaning. Thus, the sheet will stay soft, stretchy, and comforting like a new one. Avoid the use of fabric softener because this sheet effectively maintains its softness for a long time. 

Many people wash their bed sheets when they buy a new one. It’s not compulsory, but it is a great way of eliminating that new-like smell. Now you know the right way of cleaning your Purple Sheets, wash them every week to maintain their softness and quality. Suppose sheets do not get dirty, you can wash them every fortnight during the winter season. 

How to dry Purple Sheets after washing?

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You will have to dry the bed sheet after washing it. So, how to do it? You should use low heat to dry your purple sheets. You can tumble dry or line dry on low heat to maintain the quality of the sheet. 

Avoid the use of a dryer because it will destroy the elasticity of your bed sheet. Dryers also severely affect the fabric quality and color of Purple Sheets. Suppose it is not possible to dry the bed sheet in any other way, set the dryer at the lowest heat setting and use it. Do not heat the bed sheet for prolonged periods because it will cause wrinkles and damage the sheet. Let it air dry whenever possible. 

Purple sheets are quite great at avoiding wrinkles. Therefore, these bed sheets drape pretty well. There won’t be too many wrinkles on your sheet after washing. Fold the bed sheet and store it. Wrinkles will automatically disappear within a few days and the bed sheet will look like a perfectly ironed sheet. So, it will be ready to use whenever you decide to change the current bed sheet. 

Purple recommends buyers to not iron the sheet if they want to maintain the same elasticity as a new bed sheet. Suppose there are too many wrinkles and you want to use the sheet now, set the iron at a very low temperature and then iron the sheet. Thus, you won’t affect the build quality of the bed sheet and get it ready to use anytime you want. 

How to store your Purple Sheets?

You have to store the bed sheet in a clean and dry place to keep it clean and ready to use. Do not leave your linens out otherwise, dust and stains will destroy them. Fold the sheet properly and then store it in a clean bag. 

Since purple sheet does not come with a storage bag, you have to buy one online to store it properly. Avoid the use of plastic bags because these aren’t best for storing bed sheets. Prefer a cotton bag or a breathable one to prevent dirt and dust. Always store that bag in your closet to prevent dust and humidity. 

Since cardboards are acidic, you should avoid them to store your clothes and bed sheets. Do not use a bed sheet for more than a year. Buy a new one every year to get a smooth surface to sleep. Suppose you have properly maintained your Purple Sheets, you can use them 5-6 months more but not any longer. 

Avoid using the same pillowcase for more than six months. Sweat, makeup, and oils will accumulate in the pillowcase. These things will severely affect the quality of the pillowcase and they are quite tough to clean perfectly. So, get new pillowcases every six months and a new bed sheet every year. Thus, you can maintain proper hygiene in your bedroom. 

When to wash the Purple Sheet?

You should usually wash the bed sheet every week to keep it clean. You must also consider the following conditions to wash the bed sheet:


  • Wash it if there are stains and rips:

Do not ignore stains for too long. They can get quite tough to remove if you avoid washing Purple Sheets for several days. Suppose you have spilt something on the bed sheet, it is time to take it out and wash it immediately. Thus, the spilt liquid will not cause a visible stain. It won’t affect the looks and quality of your bed sheet. 


  • Pet hairs:

Pet parents can’t refuse their pets’ desire to jump and sleep on the master bed. Pets love to imitate what you do and therefore they also like to share the bed with you. Even though it is a great way of strengthening the bond with the pet, it is not good for your health. 

You should remove and clean the bed sheet if you spot pet hairs. Clean it immediately if the pet gets over the bed with its dirty paws and causes stains. You will keep germs and allergens out of the bed if you follow this tip! 


  • Itchy skin and acne:

Does your skin feel itchy when you wake up every morning? Are you getting acnes recently? These signs tell you that it is time to clean the bed and replace the bed sheet. Do not use it any longer without washing otherwise you may experience more skin problems! 


Is it possible to wash purple linens in the washing machine?
If you like, you may wash the purple sheets before using them for the first time. Although the sheets are stain-resistant, you should be aware that they are not stain-proof. Instructions on how to use the sheet in the washing machine are included. It should be washed in cool water and not dried.
Is it really worth it to invest in purple sheets?
Yes. When you sleep on the sheet, it is meant to be comfy, and it also fits the mattress and bed nicely. The purple sheet is stretchy, so some shrinking is possible but won’t make a big impact in the end. When properly cared for, the sheep is well worth the effort.

Final thoughts

You have just learned how to wash Purple Sheets and when to replace them with a new one. The bed sheet can stay clean and last for several months if you take proper care. Follow the washing instructions and dry the bed sheet properly to maintain it like a new one.