What Can Cause An Air Mattress Bubble?

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What Can Cause An Air Mattress Bubble?

Air Mattress Bubble

Air mattresses are preferred by people due to a lot of reasons including the convenience and comfort they offer. But, the development of bubbles is a problem that is faced by almost everyone who sleeps on an air mattress. Bubbles can not only lead to deformation of the bed but that also leads to making the bed too uncomfortable to sleep. There are a lot of people who shift to a different mattress when they start having this problem. The development of bubbles on an air mattress can also be referred to as air mattress swell and it is a very common problem faced by all air mattress owners at some point in time.


So, if you too see this happening, you need not worry because there is a fix available for this problem now. Getting the mattress fixed is a cheaper and cost-effective option than buying a new one. This post is going to take you through everything that you must know about bubbles on air mattresses including the reasons why they develop and steps to get rid of them.

What is an Air mattress?

Air Mattress is a Sleeping Pad with Air filled in. Sometimes it is also used as a flotation device because of its buoyant nature. It is generally made from polyvinyl chloride which is also called PVC which offers a higher comfort than the PVC pipe. Of late, air mattresses are made from rubber and a specific kind of urethane plant which has higher elasticity and it is not so brittle as the basic plastic.


As we know everything has its pros and cons. Sane goes with air mattresses too. They have many advantages but a few disadvantages too. As a buyer, you must consider both the negative and positive aspects of an air mattress. Just like one of the main advantages of an Air Mattress is that it is very lightweight and very suitable for camping, the most important disadvantage to know about is the bubbles showing up on its surface. There are many reasons for the bubbles to show up in air mattresses. However, the best thing is that whether the bubble is small or bigger it can be fixed.

You just need to locate the bubble rightly to target it appropriately and use the steps for fixing it.

Look forward to knowing the reasons why bubbles show up in an air mattress.

Causes of the bubble in air mattress

At first, you need to know the reasons why bubbles develop on an air mattress so read below to know about the reasons:


  • Poor factory bonding 

It is very common for a handful of new mattresses to show up bubbles just after being used a few times. Once this occurs there are a lot of chances for the problem to be persisting since the manufacture of the product. It can also be so that there was some fault with seams but it was concealed to avoid being notices. This can happen many times when the seams within such products are too fragile. If you find this to be the reason why your air mattress is developing bubbles, it is strongly recommended that you return the mattress if it is still in its warranty period.


  • Too much inflation

This is the most commonly discovered reason behind the development of bubbles in an air mattress. This reason is not too surprising provided the delicacy of seams present in an air mattress. Blowing too much air into the air mattress can create high pressure on its seams and this can lead to overstretching. If you find this happening very rarely, then it is not supposed to be a concern. But, if it happens frequently then you must get the mattress repaired as soon as possible.


There can be instances when too much inflation can result in the rupture of seams present in the air mattress and this is a problem that cannot be fixed by any means. Though, you can still sleep on the air mattress but remember to blow it in limit. Mostly, too much inflation can be fixed by releasing out a portion of the air from the mattress.


  • Outcome of aging  

Nothing in this world is meant to be lasting forever and that applies to air mattresses as well. Loss of durability with aging can also be a reason for an intex air mattress bulge. Basic beds can have a life of 20 years but air mattresses can only stay the same for almost 1-4 years. It is normal for you to find bubbles in an air mattress post for too many uses. As soon as you see this happening, there is no reason to get worried. It is just an indication of the fact that your air mattress becomes aged and that is causing the seams to wear out. They can be either patched to be used further if you are not willing to get a new mattress.


  • Overweight 

Another reason that can be responsible for an Air mattress to bubble is overloading the mattress with too much weight. Every air mattress has a maximum weight limit and once that limit gets exceeded, the seams within your mattress get strained. Stretching the seams beyond their limit can cause damage and as a result, bubbles can be seen on a few areas of the mattress. If you don’t want this t to happen, you must prevent putting too much load on the air mattress. Don’t forget to check the maximum weight capacity of your air mattress and remember not to exceed it.


  • Bad quality 

The quality of an air mattress can also determine whether it will shop up bubbles or not. If it is not made up of high-quality material, there are 100% chances for you to see bubbles just after using the mattress a few times. Hence, while buying a mattress you should be very careful about the quality.

What are the fixes for this problem?

Bubbles don’t usually indicate that the life of your air mattress has come to an end. So buying a new mattress is not the ideal way to resolve this problem always. Mostly, you can resolve the problem by following the steps that are mentioned below:


  • Prepare the mattress 

The first step to follow is preparing the mattress. This is to be done for fixing bubbles on the air mattress and other problems too. This might sound very silly but it is an essential step to be followed. To prepare the mattress, you just need to start by pulling out all sheets, pillowcases, and pillows along with everything else that is placed on the air mattress. Larger bubbles might be found easily but you can have a tough time finding the smaller bubbles. That is why it is important to empty the mattress. If there is any pump located in your pump internally, make sure to get it disconnected from the power plug.


  • Release all air for deflating the mattress 

After locating the bubble precisely comes the part of deflating the mattress. No air mattress bubble can be fixed when the mattress is full of air. So, before anything else, start releasing the air at first. This can be simpler if there is an after-air pump in the mattress. In such a situation you just need to open up the nozzle and the air will automatically come out.


  • Make use of pressure 

To fasten the process of deflation of your air mattress, you can also create pressure on the surface of the mattress. There are some beds available with a deflation dial which can ease things to a greater extent. Keep applying pressure till it gets fully deflated. You shouldn’t put pressure on that part of the mattress where you can no more find the bubble to appear.


Once the bubble is completely removed, you can just inflate the air mattress and enjoy sleeping on it all over again.

Is there any other way out?

The above-mentioned steps are essential to be followed if you want to fix your air mattress. There is no other way by which you can do the same. However, you can just get a new mattress but that is only recommended in case of a major fault, and bubbles on your air mattress are not that concerning. Buying a new mattress is going to cost you much more than the repairing will.


Bubbles are one such thing that cannot just make the mattress look ugly but can make it too uncomfortable for you to sleep on it. However, it is not necessary to purchase a new mattress to get rid of this problem. You can just fix it by following the steps mentioned above and enjoy sleeping on it. Other information including reasons for a mattress to swell and ways to solve it can are also discussed in this post above.