How to fix a wooden bed frame?

How to fix a wooden bed frame?

Wooden Bed Frame Repair

Comfortable sleep is the primary part of productive sleep. An unstable noisy bed frame that squeaks and wiggles with every movement of yours cannot give you that productive sleep. You must have forked out hundreds of dollars to buy a bed of your choice, yet with time everything in this world gets depreciated so does your bed and bed frame. The screws become loose and many other screws and fitting-related problems occur with time. Well, time is not the only aspect that is responsible for the deterioration of the bed frame. Bed frames can also get broken or screws can also loosen while shifting the bed through transportation.

However, instead of spending thousands of bucks or more for a bed frame, you can spare some time for yourself to fix your current bed frame.

Reinforcement of bed frame means you are making it stronger, sturdy, and most importantly much quieter in a cheaper way.

Once you know the procedure to fix a bed frame you won’t have to be dependent on an appointment from a carpenter which might take a long time.

Repairing your bed components your own

Fixing a wooden bed frame isn’t a challenging task. Here are few steps are given to help you with the procedure of how to fix a wooden bed frame. You will need few extra pieces of lumber and screw to start with.


  1. Fixing the splits and cracks

Splits and cracks are the common issues that are faced when your bed turns old. The problem needs a proper solution.


Why do they occur?

These happen due to the lack of support the bed frame gets. Once you can solve the crack more support can be added. More support means putting new beams to add more support to the existing frame.


Make the bed empty

Remove the mattress from your bed. If there is anything else in the bed remove it. Only the slats and frame of the bed should stay.


Cleaning the splinters

With the help of a screwdriver carefully open the crack from inside the frame. Stretch the crack until there is enough space to let you remove the splinter with a help of a plier.


Glue it

For gluing the cracks you will need a strong carpenters glue made only for attaching the woods. Inject the glue slowly. You can use a putty knife to spread the glue all over the crack. Make sure the glue covers every space on the crack.


Mend the crack

With a bar, clamp opens their jaws. Position the clamps in such a way that the split is in between. Now close the clamp jaws very tightly. Leave it overnight before continuing you continue the process.


Strengthen the junction

Measure your bed frame width with a ruler. You have to figure out the length of the split and add 6 inches to the measurement. Now find the strip of 1/2 inches plywood and shape it to the previous two measurements. Here you can use any ply from your home.


Drill holes

Drill 3/16 inches. Now take the plywood piece which you have cut and predrill some holes. There should be a 2-inch space between every pilot hole.


Attaching the wood piece to the frame

Apply a generous amount of glue on one side of the plywood. All the areas should be coated. Drive one-inch screws through the pilot hole into the bed frame. Wait for a night so that the glue sticks nicely. That’s it, you are done. Your bed frame will be long-lived now.

  1. Fixation of broken bed

The beds tend to break or loosen its screw while shifting them in transportation. Even if it’s handled with care some of its screws get lose and sometimes breakage of beds is also seen.


Why do they occur?

The constant pressure of the mattresses often causes the slats to bend. Eventually, they break. The breakage will accelerate. Putting more force might accelerate the breakage.

If you know how to fix a bed frame you will know how to fix a broken bed. However, these are some steps that you can follow to mend your broken bed. See the steps below. Remove the broken slats from the bed. If it’s not in a condition to be fixed throw it.

  1. Measure the other slats. You have to know the measurement of the slats.
  2. Go to the hardware shop and buy a new slat of the same measurement. If the same measurement isn’t available focus on the thickness and breadth of the slat. Length can be altered.
  3. Lay the new slat with the rest of the others.
  4. Fix in that position
  5. Screw the slat or you can even add some glue for more security

  1. Fixing of Bad joints of the bed

The joints of the bed also might loosen. it will make your bed more unstable. It can cause serious problems if neglected. If loosen more there are chances that the joints will come out entirely which will result in damage to the bed frame. You can find metal brackets or plates in some beds.


Why does it occur?

Older beds were made of mortise joints. Mortise joints are the joints where two pieces are connected by a slot in the wood. They generally tend to loosen faster. Although they are crafted strong, they weaken with time because the wood expands.

Steps to fix bad bed joints are as follows:


Remove the brackets from the frame

After taking off the bedsheet and mattress you can find a 90-degree metal bracket on each corner inside the frame over the mortise joints. Remove them simply by unscrewing the screws that have attached the bracket to the frame.


Check the joints

Check if both mortise and tenon joints are loose. Move the joints to check if they are loose. If you don’t find the joint loose don’t dissemble them. Attach the bracket back to the frame. However, if you find them loose gently give them some gentle tap by using a rubber mallet to divide them. When they have parted cleanly the dried glue on the joints and move towards the next step.


Thicken the tenon joint

The joints usually become loose because the tenon joints must have worn out. To fix the problem just add one layer of wood tape on one side of the tenon joint with the help of the glue, so that the width gets increased. Continue the process until both mortise and tenon joints are glues tightly.


Reassemble the frame

Apply wood glue on both the joint connects. Don’t take much glue. Rejoin the joint connects. In case it seems hard to do it by hand take a rubber mallet and tap them back.


Set the bracket in place

Carefully place the brackets away from the original position. Or explain it better the holes of the brackets shouldn’t be in the row of the existing holes on the frame. The last thing that is needed to be done is screwing back the brackets in the frame. If you find them worn out replace them with new brackets.

Guide to buy a new bed frame

If your bed frames are not in a good condition and are beyond repair then it’s time for you to replace your old bed frame.

To avoid early worn and torn of bed frame there are some points you should consider when buying a new bed frame. The aspects are


  • Material of the frame

Firstly, look for a bed that is constructed with high-quality wood. If the wood quality is not up to the mark it won’t be able to take your bed for much time. Low-quality wood also tends to get deep scratches fast. They also start to fade after a period

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  • Slat

After finding a good quality wooden bed now focus on the slat material. The slat material can be made of wood or steel. Both of them are equally durable. However wooden slats are more preferable because as compared to other material wooden slats has proved themselves to be stronger.


  • Joint

Joint is an important feature to consider when buying a new wooden frame of the bed. It might seem negligible when you are buying a designer bed but it’s important to check the joints. The joints lose fast if they aren’t fixed perfectly. If any doubt occurs ask the seller if the corners and joints are made with care and are strong enough or not.


  • Guarantee

Always ask for a guarantee. Most of the companies provide guarantee cards for their beds. Guarantee not only ensures the quality of the product but also saves your money even if some small problems are found in your bed.


If a bed frame needs repair don’t ignore it because its condition will deteriorate more with time? Moreover, if any guest in the tour house sees your wooden bed or hears the noise that comes out of your bed that would be more embarrassing. So, without giving a second thought to it repair the bed as soon as possible. The above-given tips for wooden bed frame repair should help you in doing the work perfectly.