How to Choose California King Bed

California King Bed, also known as Cal King, has become a trend worldwide even before the release of Rhianna’s hit song named after the same type of bed. Its elegance, modernity, and conformability have become its utmost selling point over the past years.
A California King Bed is a king sized be is bed extra-long in size. Cal King is also identified as Western King beds in contrast to the traditional king sized beds, also known as Eastern king sized beds.


Dimensions of a California King Bed

Cal king bed frame is typically 72” wide, 84” long. California Beds are available in about options and specifications as other regular beds do. They come are bound with different main sorts: wooden, metal, platform, and sleigh. Options also come with storage space, and drawers. Some also come with an option with or without headboards. And just like any other frames available for a king sized beds, mattresses, spreads, covers, and other beddings, lengthier in size.


What makes California King Bed different from other King size beds?

Aside from being two of the most luxurious beds in terms of size, both the California King Beds and King beds are the most sought after choice for couples; however, California king offers extra length for a loner or taller people. One of the main differences between a California king bed a king size bet lies in their sizes. A standard king size bed is 75” in width and 80” in length as compared to a California King size bed which is 72” in width and 84” in length.

Cost-wise, both beds cost approximately the same.


California King Bed as your perfect bed type

Picking the right bed involves diversity, trying things, measuring and seeing what works with your room and space. Having this in mind, you are on your way to choosing the right bed for you.

Before choosing your California king bed, consider the following ideas and facts:

  • Measure your bedroom size. Cal Bed’s which are longer and narrower in size may take a lot of space inside your room, taking into account, the other things surrounding it including tables, lamps or anything else surrounding your room.
  • California King Bed relates to the size of the bed, not the style. Cal king comes in different styles. Take a chance to look at every design, getting a feel of what suits your space.
  • It is recommended to purchase a California king that features storage, such as cabinets or drawers, underneath the bed. Considering its bed size, it gives you extra space for other things.